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The DoJ Flying Under The Voter Registration Radar

For anyone that believes that participatory democracy works better than suppressed democracy...

The DoJ recently hammered out some pretty darn good rules of the road and then some when it comes to the previously under utilized and relatively unenforced motor voter laws. From the Op Ed pages of the NY Times:

In Some States, for Every Voter Registered, Two are Lost

originally posted 2008-10-08 22:05:34 -- lots of news stories about this happening, see related pieces of Avahome's Nevada ACORN Raid info and Jamess Voter Register commentary, bumped cho

The massive effort to register new Democratic voters appears to be losing ground faster than it's being gained. The significant lead Obama has in the polls makes it appear unlikely the election could be lost to the GOP. But take a few of those votes away - say, a few tens of thousands - and you don't have a safety margin anymore, just theft . Again.

State's Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal
Oct. 8, 2008. The New York Times.

Although much attention this year has been focused on the millions of new voters being added to the rolls by the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama, there has been far less notice given to the number of voters being dropped from those same rolls.

On re-registering to vote after foreclosure in Connecticut

I had figured, based on previous attempts, that it would be relatively easy in this town even if New Milford, CT used to be a very "red" part of Connecticut. This town actually voted for Lamont instead Joe neocon Lieberman in the last election... Just to give you an idea how it may have changed recently.

As for actually re-registering after our foreclosure, it was as hassle free and simple as filling out some paperwork out front of one of the local grocery stores. Local libertarians had set up a voter registration booth there on a busy afternoon.