Voter suppression

Tea Party No-Go: Priced-for-rich national convention cancelled. Truce or time for Armey to get the flock back in line?

Halfway into last week came reports that the tea party movement's national convention, Tea Party Nation, was moving too few tickets and would be cancelled. 

Originally scheduled to open in Las Vegas on October 14, “Ticket sales were simply not sufficient to support the convention,” according to organizer Judson Phillips

Phillips attributed the inability of convention-goers to afford the $399 ticket cost to the Obama economy, of course.  

Looming Election Brings Back Same Old GOP SOP: Voter Caging, Voter Suppression and Undermining Democracy

A huge story is breaking about a massively coordinated attempt by the Wisconsin GOP, the group Americans for Prosperity and a coalition of Tea Party teabaggers to suppress the vote in that state among minorities and students. Major elements of the story so far can be found on DailyKos in a diary by xofferson and a follow-up by One Wisconsin Now.

Voter suppression, particularly through means of voter caging, has been a major weapon in the GOP's arsenal and is brought to bear against citizens particularly likely to vote Democratic -- or at least almost guaranteed to not vote Republican.

ePluribus Media has covered this topic extensively in the past, and below the fold you'll find a list of many of our past pieces, showing elements that tie together voter suppression strategies such as voter caging along with manipulation of the DoJ (particularly the Voting Rights division) and US Attorneys, who'd be the ones who'd have to investigate any claims of irregularities -- real, imagined or fabricated on the backs of tea-stained elephantine fat cats.

If the Wisconsin voter caging story intrigues, interests, offends and angers you, then take a deep breath and venture forth for a more in-depth range of topics that really illustrate just how far the GOP will go in order to compromise democracy and to promote their party, partisan politics and political power over the interests of the nation and her people. The list begins immediately...


Census, Redistricting, Immigration and Voter Suppression

Think about the coming redistricting as a result of the recent Census.

Imagine that many states that will gain a lot more Congressional weight through the Census results inevitable redistricting suddenly decided to chase a particular growing population from their state with certain targeted policies in order to achieve the goal of keeping these newly minted Congressional heavy weights in the hands of a political party that would otherwise be losing grip in the future.

And just imagine if they were already doing it to a large degree and with great success.

I guess you do not have to imagine it all, eh?

The Dismantling of the Justice Department under George Bush

The Nation has a great piece, Justice, Bush Style, that the rest of the media reporting on ACORN should read. The article will read more like a review for many of us at ePluribus since we devoted a lot of attention to the politicization of the DOJ. But are we hearing anything about the near destruction of the Civil Rights Division from the press who is in a frenzy to cover the alleged voter fraud by ACORN?

A startling flurry of inspector general reports--including one released September 29 focusing on the US Attorney firing scandal--along with the testimony of former Justice staffers interviewed at length by The Nation, paint a detailed picture of how a once-proud government department came to teeter on the brink of a nervous breakdown. With the presidential election looming, the consequences of pervasive politicization could be profound, as the department's rules of engagement in the electoral process have been completely remade to allow a much greater degree of direct interference.

"They have destroyed the internal culture of the Justice Department as a restraint on the executive branch," said Bruce Fein, a prominent Washington constitutional lawyer who cut his teeth at Justice during the Watergate scandal and later served as a political appointee under Reagan. "There's no professional insistence on treating law and politics separately. It's all one."

The author covers the changes that took place from Ashcroft through the unraveling in 2007. So where does this leave the nation as we face the elections of 2008?

Sweet! Brad Friedman calls Hans Spakovsky's lies to his face

Brad Friedman, of and election integrity fame, was on air with Hans Spakovsky during a Tavis Smiley interview last week.

Especially for some of the Spakovsky 'fans' around here (eP site search for Spakovsky), check out Brad's post but, especially, listen to the embedded audio record.

In Some States, for Every Voter Registered, Two are Lost

originally posted 2008-10-08 22:05:34 -- lots of news stories about this happening, see related pieces of Avahome's Nevada ACORN Raid info and Jamess Voter Register commentary, bumped cho

The massive effort to register new Democratic voters appears to be losing ground faster than it's being gained. The significant lead Obama has in the polls makes it appear unlikely the election could be lost to the GOP. But take a few of those votes away - say, a few tens of thousands - and you don't have a safety margin anymore, just theft . Again.

State's Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal
Oct. 8, 2008. The New York Times.

Although much attention this year has been focused on the millions of new voters being added to the rolls by the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama, there has been far less notice given to the number of voters being dropped from those same rolls.

Civil Rights Brief: Toss WI Voter Suit, AG Misreads Fed Law

promoted, also take a look at Avahome's (Ms. Nose for News) commentary on the ACORN raid -- posted yesterday morning, 24 hours before others took notice -- cho

Update: Link to additional brief filed by Milwaukee Branch of NAACP and the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association.
Seven civil rights and public interests groups submitted their amici curiae brief in support of the Wisconsin General Accountability Board's (GAB) motion to dismiss the Attorney General's legal petition endorsed by the Wisconsin Republican Party.

Voters' rights communities fear that the Wisconsin Attorney General would suppress voters in the presidential election, characterize the move as a continuation of the national GOP voter suppression effort, and see a corrupt use of the Attorney General's office for partisan gain.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen filed an extraordinary writ of mandamus petition seeking a court-ordered remedy that would overrule a state agency, the Governmental Accountability Board (GAB), as the GAB seeks to protect legally voting citizens in a highly politicized voting issue implementing a federal law during this year's presidential campaign.

Ohio Election - Karl Rove RICO Claim, related links

The public interest in Ohio News Bureau, John Spinelli's Ohio Attorneys to Assert RICO Claim Against Karl Rove for Orchestrating Theft of 2004 Election prompted us to compile links of work from the ePluribus Media community and friends that have helped to reawaken the 2004 Ohio Election legal story.

We hope you'll find these useful for context.

Former Ohio SOS Blackwell Asked to Testify on Voter Suppression

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: Former two-term Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth J. Blackwell, who made headlines in 2004 for serving as state co-chair of the Bush/Cheney campaign and who many defenders of democracy and voting activists believe was complicit in throwing Ohio to President Bush, was sent a letter Tuesday asking him to appear before the US House Committee on Judiciary to provide testimony on “Voter Suppression.”