Walter Reed

"Another Walter Reed-Type Scandal"

Soldiers at the military hospital languished in part due to incompatible databases and dismal record keeping. Welcome to the Pentagon's $20 billion medical-records boondoggle.

Senator McCain, This is Walter Reed

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It's no wonder the 109th GOP Congress and Administration, in their rush to War with the Drums beating Louder and Louder, didn't take Military Care and once again the Veterans Care, Wars Makes, into consideration and Pass Legislation and Funding, They Couldn't Find The Facilities, and still can't!!

John McCain may not be able to find the right Walter Reed, but we sure can. Watch this new video from Americans United for Change.

Walter Reed and Beyond - 1st Lt Elizabeth Whiteside, Now In Lockdown

The following is a Video report from CBS as a Lead In to a Report, now online but to be printed in tomorrows Washington Post from Dana Priest.

A Soldier's Cry For Help - CBS News Video