war of aggression

May 8

May 8th. 1945 was the day Admiral Doenitz's successor government to Adolf Hitler surrendered to the Allies in Berlin. May 8th is VE Day, Victory in Europe day. It used to be a much bigger deal than it is now. More in proportion to the losses sustained defeating Hitler it seems. The Russians who had given up so many made it one of the days for their Red Square military parades. The Brits always preferred Armistice Day to commemorate those lost in World War I, I guess for the same reasons the Russians marched on May 8th. The French preferred July 14th.

With Malice Aforethought: Iraq, Permanent Bases, and Iran

Throughout the entire tenure of the George W. Bush Administration, they have been lying to us. Congressional Republicans who served any time since 2001 can no longer deny their role and complicity. The final bits are coming to light now that vindicate the cries of those of us who insisted that the invasion of Iraq was intended from day one of this Administration's tenure -- long before 9-11 happened.

It also bodes ill for Iran's short-term prospects.

There's a dKos diary that hit with this news early -- by Framlingham. Go give Recommends & tips.

The implications -- for the US, for the next President, for the current pResident, for members of the GOP who were in Congress anytime during the 2001-2008 timeframe. Now, we're talking about intention to deceive and malice aforethought.

Now we're assured of an Administration leaving behind a unholy, historic legacy of treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity, dereliction of duty, war profiteering, negligence, graft, corruption, voter suppression, obstruction of justice, and even major violations of the RICO act.