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Homeless Heroes: Veterans Struggles

Like a recent tragic event in Iraq brought out a number of reports on PTSD around the country there have also been a number of other reports as well that focussed on the homeless veterans, the first one just below is in and around this Nations Capital:


Homeless War Veterans Abound in D.C. Region


A new report is giving sobering statistics about how homeless veterans are treated in the Washington area.


The report says beds are available for only 10% of the homeless vets in Virginia, 8% have beds in Maryland and in the District, there is room is less than 2%.


From the Iraq War with the Army's First Calvary Division to fighting a battle to find homes for fellow veterans, Chad Lego says he never imagined when he came home, he would find some 200,000 service members homeless. >>>>>More



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John Garrett, Vietnam 1970-71.