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 Lawyer gets 5-cent IRS bill, 4-cent refund

James Howarth is a little confused by two letters he has received from the Internal Revenue Service.

So, he gets a letter containing a bill for 5-cents ... then gets a letter with a notice that he has a 4-cent refund coming.  Both letters were ... mailed. Just what is the cost of mailng a letter these days? Does the IRS have to pay postage? How many of these types of letters do you suppose get mailed by the IRS every year? 

Don't you think they could tell the computer to kick back any bills or refunds that are under $1.00? or $.50? The expense of printing the invoice (along with the accompanying payment coupons, etc) stuffing the envelope, mailing the letters ... cost us a whole lot more than the 5-cents the IRS would have collected.


Domestic Drilling Pollution Pictures

This is the same sludge pond I posted about HERE. (More pictures and back-story at that link)

It still has a strong stench of sewage from where the drilling company dumped their sewage. It also has a strong chemical and hydrocarbon smell.

Monday: Faith, Hope & Charity: NGO America

Kevin Begos/Contribute: Where does your money really go?
Whether it’s wrongdoing, wasteful spending on administrative overhead, rent or celebrity balls, or questionable proportions of benefit to causes and corporations in symbiotic cause marketing relationships, who can tell? The Internal Revenue Service lacks enough investigators to glimpse more than a minute sample of nonprofit behavior.

[Image: Faith, Hope & Charity Charm @ RosaryUnlimited.com]