Close Down the School of the Americas Mr. President

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Our very own, embedded within, Terrorist Training Camp, with known graduates who went on to exactly that, Criminal Terrorism, within their own countries against their own fellow citizens!


Vera Leone: "They may have changed the school's name, but we are still seeing the same violent results"


Pablo Ruiz: "US tax dollars are used to train Latin American soldiers how to oppress their own people"



While the US commits 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan, in part to seek out terrorist training camps, many in the US and Latin America are demanding that President Obama shut down what they believe is a terrorist training camp run on US tax dollars, the School of the Americas. One such person is Pablo Ruiz, who spoke to The Real News during his first-ever trip to the US, where, as a survivor of torture carried out by SOA graduates, he is laying out his argument for the immediate closure of the school.

A Just Foreign Policy

YES Magazine, Summer '08 Edition, has a number of really good articles, and an interview, that should be read and obsorbed as to some of what we should be putting into public discussion as we try to turn this ship of state around and head in a direction that should already have been. These articles touch on a number of important issues, Very Important, not only for us, as a country, but our place in the world and for the world as a whole.

25,000 Say: Close the SOA!

This is a followup to my post yesterday, on a few boards and my site. on the happenings at our Very Own Terrorist Training School, the once known as 'The School Of The America's'!

Yesterdays was an updated E - Newsletter from The SOA Watch on what took place on Saturday 11-17-07.

This one covers the happenings on Sunday 11-18-07.

Saturday at the gates of Fort Benning

I received the update on Saturdays action at Benning, in Georgia, yesterday afternoon. Sadly I couldn't make the event but wanted to share what they have going on with others who also couldn't or are not a subscriber to the School of the Americas Watch Newsletter.