White House health care summit

Reconciliation with McCain's Nuclear Addled Brain

Last year, speaking at the Heritage Foundation,
Sen. John McCain said that the Republicans laid the groundwork for reconciliation because of how they had used it:

MCCAIN: I fully recognize that Republicans have in the past engaged in using reconciliation to further the party’s agenda. I wish it had not been done then, and I hope it will not be done now that the groundwork has been laid.

But now that reconciliation, a simple up or down vote, is actually going to be used to pass a mish-mash of conservative GOP and Democratic ideas under Obama's watch? Suddenly it is the nuclear end of the world:

President Obama heard Doctor Flowers, the White House Summit should listen!

Dr. Margaret Flowers Confronts President Obama Fillmore Auditorium, Denver Colorado February 18, 2010. What's better, however, is that he heard her and responded live, to the full-house audience. (Watch the video, very cool!).

This week he and the White House Summiteers must listen!


"Margaret Flowers invites everybody to the Sidewalk Summit on Thursday, Feb 25th. Gather at 9 am on Pennsylvania Ave in front of the White House (north side) to hear why Medicare for All is the solution.

If you can't be in DC, then hold your own.

But spread the video around, Obama Heard Flowers, make the White House listen now!

Also, below the jump

FEBRUARY 25th -- ACTIONS IN SUPPORT OF MEDICARE FOR ALL IN DC AND NYC! Participate and Support where you can!