who made money and who lost it

Preparing Your Tax Returns? Cheer Up!

Robert Reich contrasts the situation on hedge fund managers who are raking it in because of Berancke's largess and the rest of us who are paying the bill. Originally posted April 6, 2009 on from his blog.

Why You Should Work for a Hedge Fund 

Just because I lost a big chunk of my total retirement savings over the last year doesn't mean I should be upset that 25 hedge-fund managers reaped a total of $11.6 billion during the same interval, according to Institutional Investor's Alpha Magazine -- including $2.5 billion for James Simons of Renaissance Technologies and $2 billion for John Paulson. (To be included on the list, you had to take home more than $75 million.)

I do admit to being irked that some of what these guys earn is taxed at a 15 percent rate because the earnings are treated as capital gains, while I'm just about to be walloped by the Internal Revenue Service come April 15.