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The US has the Power for Wind Energy

How do-able is that 20% to 30% reliance on wind-generated energy that's being predicted?

Tony Wikrent reports on the obstacles after attending the The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Workshop as an ePluribus Media correspondent:

There are significant obstacles to realizing this potential caused by the neglect and withering of the U.S. manufacturing base. Contrary to the unrealistic beliefs of many who yearn for clean energy, heavy industry is absolutely essential to the development of wind powered electricity generation. In fact, the wind turbine generators now being developed and brought on line are mammoth industrial projects, that dwarf a Boeing 747 passenger jet in size. We are at the dawn of a new age of clean, renewable energy, but if we are to realize the full potential of this new era, there is no getting around the need to rebuild U.S. heavy industry and manufacturing.

Wikrent analyzes the American business landscape and suggests what we need to do. Read his full report on the Journal... what do you think? Are we being unrealistic about our ability to harness the manufacturing base needed to effectively and efficiently roll out wind energy?

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Can the U.S. achieve 20% wind energy by 2030?

On Monday, May 12, the U.S. Department of Energy released its long-awaited report on wind energy 20 Percent Wind Energy by 2030. Fortunately, two weeks ago the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) accepted my media credentials from, allowing me to attend a special seminar and workshop in Des Moines, Iowa, on the supply chain problems and opportunities of an incipient boom in wind generated electricity.