Winter Soldier II

"Winter Soldier" Goes 'PrimeTime'

The PBS News Hour carried a report on the IVAW 'Winter Soldier' testimony in Congress tonight, 5-21-08

Witnesses to War Speak Out on Rules of Engagement

Reports of innocent civilian deaths in Iraq have been numerous, but barring a few instances caught on tape, they have yet to be recognized by the soldiers themselves. Some soldiers have begun to speak out, about the actions they have taken and the things they have seen.

"We Are Your New Winter Soldiers" - IVAW Winter Soldiers 2008

Back on March 19th I placed a post, on my site, as well as a few others. I also sent that out to a small e-list I maintain to a few site boards, mostly Veteran, and individuals. I will give you the link and part of that post shortly, but first I would like you to view these closing remarks, from the Winter Soldiers 2008 Testimonies, by Camilo Mejia of Iraq Veterans Against The War.

From The Real News Network

Lead Up To Winter Soldier II - SOLDIER'S STORIES

On Sunday, 3-9-08, a fundraiser was held at the First Congregational Church of Long Beach for Iraq veterans eager to talk about the war they saw; a war rife with death, anger, courage and lies. The fundraisers intent was to help defray the costs needed to send the same vets to speak in Washington D.C.

Winter Soldierizing

The following comes from Jack Dresser, Ph.D., Behavioral Scientist, Co-founder, Lane County Veterans for Peace: Capt., US Army (psychologist, Vietnam era)