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Open Thread: McClatchy News for Friday, March 18, 2011

Here are headlines from McClatchy's Washington Bureau and McClatchy Newspapers for Friday, March 18, 2011


U.N. gives Britain, France go-ahead to strike at Gadhafi

France's Draft Resolution on Libya


Safety of Japanese reactors questioned long ago in U.S.

U.S. begins evacuation of Americans in Japan 

U.S. nuclear plants store more spent fuel than Japan's

Pakistan condemns U.S. over drone strike that killed 36

Aristide leaves South Africa for Haiti


Rep. Walter Jones pushes for Afghanistan exit

Pentagon is dividing up Guantanamo detainees for trials

Texas lawmaker's bill protects evolution nonbelievers from discrimination

Kansas lawmakers considering four abortion bills

Alaska lawmakers get increase to office allowances

Graham: U.S. nuclear regulations are 'gold standard'

Government shutdown averted for 3 more weeks

House GOP votes to strip NPR of federal funding


Missouri's long-term unemployed will lose benefits

Nancy Garrido unlikely to get plea deal in Dugard kidnapping case

Doctors believe Gulf baby dolphins deaths are stillborns


King's Muslim hearing put paranoia ahead of facts

Making sense of Middle East turmoil

After Japan, U.S. nuclear industry needs a re-think

Gadhafi has unleashed a bloodbath

In Japan's crisis, old-fashioned values emerge


Suits & Sentences: Barack Obama: Interrogator in Chief?

Planet Washington: Obama on Japan and radiation: Will not reach the United States

Mexico Unmasked: Caramba! 'Little Pea' hits his stride


Drop your news in the comments and remember ... this is an open thread.

Explosion at 3rd Nuke Plant; Second Tsunami Spotted Off Coast [Update - NO 2nd Tsunami]

Update: The meteorological service has said there is no second tsunami.


Another tsunami spotted off the coast of Fukushima - the site where the distressed nuclear plants are located. And an explosion occurred at Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant unit 3 ("The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says a hydrogen explosion occurred Monday morning at the No.3 reactor at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture." via news banner atop NHK World news page). Meanwhile, rescue temas from 9 countries arrive in Japan to assist in relief operations.

What a bloody mess.

For those who may want to help, Shelterbox is on the ground in Japan. Donations to them are one of many possible ways to try to help.


Capitalising on American Tear Gas Lobbed at Egyptian Protesters

Yes, you already knew our government was extremely supportive in propping up the corrupt Egyptian regime, mostly as a means of keeping their torture routes protected and the oil and military markets flowing profitably... And, no doubt, we will send more tear gas if they need it because there is a lot of money to be made in never ending wars:

“Made in the USA” Tear Gas Thrown at Protesters in Egypt

The United States has given billions of dollars in military aid to Egypt over the decades. The State Department approved the sale of tear gas to its police, despite its known history of brutality.

But the entire Arab world is starting to look like another neoconservative disaster as the lies and collusion between the USA, the UK, Israel and the supposed enemies of freedom - like the contorted and distorted "enemies" in Palestine, for example - come to light. It is another neoconservative contrived clusterfrack of foreign policy failure. But much like the Shock Doctrine delivered banking disaster is, the organized chaos the elite powers that be have preyed upon should be exposed for the Disaster Capitalism that has resulted.


Saturday's World News

Promoted. Originally posted 2008-05-03 09:04:25 -0500.

You know the way
It throws about
It takes you in
And spits you out
It spits you out
When you desire

Saturday's Headlines: For Bush in Last Year, It's the Principle: Love and death in the South's deadliest prison: Elections 2008 London: In paintings by Monet and Manet we see how men's hobbies begin: Quartet opens door to ending Hamas isolation: Palestinian forces deploy to West Bank town: Ivorian ex-rebels begin to disarm: Election body confirms Mugabe lost the vote: Pakistan coalition averts collapse with deal to restore ousted judges: Cuba puts first computers on sale to the public

After Hiatus, States Set Wave of Executions
HUNTSVILLE, Tex. — Here in the nation’s leading death-penalty state, and some of the 35 others with capital punishment, execution dockets are quickly filling up.
Less than three weeks after a United States Supreme Court ruling ended a seven-month moratorium on lethal injections, at least 14 execution dates have been set in six states between May 6 and October.

“The Supreme Court essentially blessed their way of doing things,” said Douglas A. Berman, a professor of law and a sentencing expert at Ohio State University. “So in some sense, they’re back from vacation and ready to go to work.”

Education For The Common Good: We're All Out Of Our Minds

People in the United States of America have been "asleep at the wheel" while their airwaves, traditional media, education and political discourse have been perpetually "dumbed down" to the point where the average citizen is often unaware and indifferent of major people, places and events of the world and from history.

If you don't think education matters, and that news like the latest pop-glam scandal are more important than knowing what goes into our food, our environment, our foreign and domestic policies and what's happening around the world, then you'll probably fail to grasp the significance of the following video:

Note: suspected spoof video

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