DXC hosts young volunteers for Global Youth Service Day

DAYTON – For the fourth straight year, the Dayton Christian Center (DXC) will partner with the United Way of Dayton’s Volunteer Connection Center to host youth volunteers as they join forces for Global Youth Service Day. This year, Global Youth Service Days occur on April 15 and 16 with the DXC Bright Youth, Better Dayton project taking place on Friday, April 15.

As with last year’s project, the young people will be going about the neighborhood around DXC picking up trash and generally cleaning up the environment. Each student will be issued protective gloves and bright, reflective vests for safety reasons.

“Our mission statement is ‘Enriching and Empowering Lives, One Choice at a Time,’ DXC Associate Executive Director Sarah Williams said recently. “We see that as a quality of life issue as well as quantity. We feel that a nicer, cleaner, more attractive neighborhood is also a safer one, and one where people can enjoy life more and take more pride in it, too.”


Exclusive First Listen: Youth and Paul McCartney

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NPR brings another musical treat Exclusive to it's audience, this one about the group known as The Fireman., November 18, 2008 - When The Fireman released its debut album in 1993 — the instrumental dance and electronica mix Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest — the band's identity was a mystery. U.K. music magazine Melody Maker eventually exposed The Fireman as a duo featuring the bassist and producer known as Youth and, to everyone's surprise, Paul McCartney. Reviewers praised the collaboration as "staggeringly brilliant," but it was a strange and entirely unexpected direction for the former Beatle.

A Comment from the community at NPR:


I was hoping for something more spiritual, but I was not disappointed. It is structured like a live concert so the listerner must give it time to develope to its full. (What musician does not start slowly, except for Dave Grohl?) I wonder if there will be a live version of this. I personally like "Don't Stop Running," because it reminds me of my walk down a different Abbey Road.

And there's a few more as well as abit more of the description at the link above.

Race and the Youth Vote

Is race a deciding factor in the upcoming presidential elections? Should it be?

Last week I asked these questions to my fellow students within the City University of New York’s, City College campus. Most of the 30 students polled seemed to feel uncomfortable answering such a question; others gave interesting responses. Overall, most of the students felt that race shouldn’t be a factor in deciding which candidate the nation puts into the Whitehouse. These answers forced me to think more deeply into why it shouldn’t be and I couldn’t help but find myself thinking that people didn’t say what they truly felt and that these students seemed to stray away from answering the real question: Is race a deciding factor?