13 Million Voters Purged -- and Counting!

Promoted. Originally posted 2008-10-18 16:52:30 -0500. This is apparently the only way Republicans can win -- or at least minimize their losses. Why don't they love America? -- GH

The Republican voter fraud hoax
Brad Friedman - October 13 2008

Despite the screaming wall-to-wall coverage of "Democratic voter fraud in 11 swing states" as seen on Fox News and even the once-respectable CNN, none of it's true. None of it.
That will be the November surprise, when thousands, if not millions show up to vote only to find they are no longer welcome to do so and are forced to vote on a "provisional ballot" which may or may not be counted.

These real concerns of election fraud, such as voting roll purges, electronic voting machines that don't work and so much more that actually matters, have been obscured by the smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand of the Republican party's phoney Acorn voter fraud charade.

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CBS Has Noticed, Why Hasn't Obama or the DNC?

The CBS story, posted below (appx 2 mins) starts with an elderly New Jersey voter who was suddenly removed from the voting rolls after thirty years, for apparently no reason whatsoever, before launching into findings from a new non-partisan Brennan Center for Justice study on "Voter Purges".

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[Note: "Voter Purging" simply means your State, for whatever reason, has crossed-off Names from the State's Registered Voters List.]

Here's the Video:



Saul M. of New Jersey received a Letter, after 30 years, he suddenly Vanished as a Voter ...

Question: What can a Voter do to Protect themselves?

Answer: 1) Don't take No for an Answer!
2) Cast a Provisional Ballot and
3) Call a Voter Hotline

Answer: Also you can usually (4) lookup ahead of time to see if you are still registered to Vote in your State.

Or for a one-stop shopping Voter Registration Check: votepoke.com

Don't be like Saul, Don't become one of the 13 million "Vanished Voters" and counting! BE SURE!

Saul was lucky -- he was Notified he was dropped from the Registration List. Most Purged Voters are NOT SO Lucky -- they will find out the hard way, on Election Day!

Especially if you live in one of these 19 States:

Studies show that most "Purged Voters" are NOT so lucky to receive such Advanced Notification.

The Dirty Details of Voter Purges

Secretive, error-riddled methods for cleaning up the voter rolls and how the Help America Vote Act isn't helping.
David Rosenfeld - October 06, 2008

Both the Brennan Center for Justice and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group have independently called into question the methods states use to clean up their voter rolls and the integrity of the information those purges are based on. Roughly 13 million names were purged from the rolls in 2005 and 2006, and while most of the removals were legitimate, that still leaves thousands likely disenfranchised, they say.
One of the biggest problems in managing voter registration rolls, says Gary Kalman of the Public Interest Research Group, is the inconsistency from state to state, and county to county, in enforcing federal law.

Kalman's study, "Vanishing Votes," found 19 states had not outlawed purging within 90 days of the vote — a prohibition found in the National Voter Registration Act. Four states — Colorado, Ohio, Rhode Island and Connecticut — have laws with purging deadlines explicitly within the 90-day period.

"There is widespread unawareness of the law," Kalman said.
In most cases when voters are removed from lists, with the exception for the reason of an address change, election officials don't attempt to notify the voter, Perez wrote. Those who find themselves removed from the list may cast a provisional ballot while their voting status is reviewed.

Aside from common typos and other clerical errors, voter roll matching sometimes fails to account for the presence or lack of middle initials or non-standard surnames.

13 Million Purged in 39 States

Topping the list of states taking names off their registered-voter rolls in 2005 and 2006 were Colorado, with 16.9 percent of the roll removed; Washington, with 15.4 percent; New York, with 14.1 percent; Nevada, with 13.2 percent; and Missouri, with 10.4 percent.

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That's a lot of Voters -- in for a surprise, on Election Day!

Real Voters.

Disenfranchised Voters.

Millions of them!

Here are the "hard numbers" for just 5 States:

Links to those non-partisan "Voter Purge" Studies:

Vanishing Voters: Why Registered Voters Fall Off the Rolls, The U.S. Public Interest Research Group, September 2008 (pdf)

Brennan Center for Justice - Voter Purges - Appendices, 09/30/08
Brennan Center for Justice - Voter Purges Report (website)

So if you're worried about fictional characters like Mickey Mouse, Daffey Duck, or Bugs Bunny showing up to Vote (along with their Photo ID in tow) -- Maybe you should start worrying about REAL folks like Saul M. instead!

A LOT More Saul's will show up and be turned away, than those "Cartoon Characters" that Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, and now John McCain are SO "Looney Tunes" about now!

CBS is worried about the REAL Voter Outrage, that of actual Voters being disqualified through No Fault of their own -- and WITH NO ADVANCED NOTICE!

Even the Associated Press has noted these Purges "might be illegal" happening so close to an Election:

Report: Voter purges in 6 states may violate law
Oct 8, 2008

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times reports that tens of thousands of eligible voters have been removed from rolls or blocked from registering in at least six swing states, and the voters' exclusion appears to violate federal law.

The newspaper says it identified apparent problems in Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina. It says some states are improperly using Social Security data to verify new voters' registration applications, and others may have broken rules that govern removing voters from the rolls within 90 days of a federal election.

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When will the Corporate-owned Media start covering the Real Story?
(Kudos to CBS, for starting the investigation!)

ACORNs are for rascally rabbits!

Arbitrary hidden Voter Purges however, actually harm Real American Voters!

That's All Folks!

That's Enough!

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of the federal laws by the DOJ? The DOJ Civil Rights Division has gone after states for not complying with federal law requiring them to maintain current voters lists by removing ineligible voters. Why is the Civil Rights Division not taking action when states are violating the portion of the federal law that protect voters from being wrongly removed?

Mary Pat Flaherty for the Washington Post (found here)

Tens of thousands of voters could be affected in Wisconsin. Officials there admit that their database is wrong one out of five times when it flags voters, sometimes for data discrepancies as small as a middle initial or a typo in a birth date. When the six members of the state elections board — all retired judges — ran their registrations through the system, four were incorrectly rejected because of mismatches.

Seems they have a "software" problem as well ...

ePMedia ... get the scoop with us!
If it's true that our species is alone in the universe, then I'd have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little. ~ George Carlin

with calling it a software problem. The software is probably doing what is was written to do but the people relying upon the outcomes are overlooking the limitations of what the software can produce.

I believe that is why some safeguards were placed into the federal laws that require a voter be notified before they are purged, that a voter has to be inactive for two cycles before being purged and a limitation on purges for a period of 90 days prior to an election.

For some reason I have a difficult time believing that many states were not aware of the federal laws. Unbelievable.