ACTION - New 'Winter Soldiers', Stop the War, Help VFP Chapter 009

Back in our day, from January 31-February 2, 1971, an Extremely Important Event took place by a number of Extremely Brave Vietnam Vets, that challenged the morality and conduct of the war by showing the direct relationship between military policies and war crimes in Vietnam!

This event was organized by Vietnam Veterans Against The War and was called the Winter Soldier Investigation

Well History, being repeated daily for the last 6yrs. in the Debacle of Iraq and here at home, will Repeat for 'The Winter Soldiers'!

IVAW Kicks Off Winter Soldier Campaign

Members of Iraq Veterans Against the War are re-igniting a popular Vietnam War Investitagion called the Winter Soldier Campaign. In 1971, members of Vietnam Veterans Against the War gathered in Detroit, Michigan to share their horrors of Vietnam.

The courage of those 125+ veterans speaking out has sparked today's veterans to do the same,. March 13 - 15, 2008, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War will be gathering in Washington D.C, along with Iraqi and Afghan survivors, to share their stories about the atrocities happening in today's wars.

If you are a Veteran and have been deployed to Iraq of Afghanistan, you can participate in the Winter Soldier Campaign of 2008.

Others can support IVAW's actions by signing the statement of support.

Show your Support for IVAW's action, also challenging the morality and conduct of their present day War, be you a Veteran or never served, by signing their Statement of Support!

If you are a Veteran of the Iraq or Afganistan Theaters, and you would like to participate in the IVAW 'Winter Soldier Campaign of 2008, use the link above to tell your story and your wishes!


Ending the war begins with YOU!


Over $1.6 trillion has been spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan . Wonder where all that money comes from? YOU!

Every person who pays federal taxes in the United States contributes to the war machine. This year, the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee is reaching out to average citizens to encourage them to join ranks of war tax resisters.

War tax resistance is not new. The first signs of tax resistance dates back to 1637. It wasn't until the Vietnam War that this form of resistance grew and over the last four years it has gained in popularity as a way for people to take direct action to end the war.

Veterans For Peace has joined the effort to encourage people to take action. Individuals can start with small amounts such as $10, $50, $100 or a percentage amount (7% of would cover the amount spent this year on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. War tax resistance doesn't mean you don't pay your federal taxes, it simply means that the money is redirected into campaigns or projects that you feel government services should be focusing on.

This year's campaigns include Direct Aid Initiative which provides health care initiatives to Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan and to the Common Ground Collective Health Clinic that provided immediate care to the people of New Orleans following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The War Tax Resistance website breaks down steps you need to take if you are interested in war tax resistance, downloadable tools, and more information about the organizations it is supporting.

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Do I blame these two,

For not being able to stop the funding of this extremely damaging debacle, not completely.

But I do wonder Why they, and many others, are not putting those who place an R after their names into complete Shame, letting them carry on the Obstructionist policies after loosing their Majority. That Majority rule gave everything wanted to this administration when they held the reigns. Now we've been finding out exactly what they weren't doing, Investigating the Care givin to the returning maimed Military Personal, Investigating the actions our paid Mercenaries, who by those actions were putting our Military Troops into further danger and endangering our National Security, paid with No Bid contracts in our own Blood Money. And the list is just plain to long to list it all on what they weren't doing!

And speaking of those 'R's', when they try to explain just how ducky everything is now over in the Wars, especially Iraq, have them visit this report Iraqi Ethnic Tensions Stoke Insurgency in Mosul, from todays NPR Morning Edition. Let them listen and read what those Actually In Iraq are experiencing!

Now a request from our brother and sister VFP Members:


Members of Eastern MA , Smedley Butler Chapter were given strict rules for participating in the Boston Veterans Day Parade. Being forced to march after the end of the parade, and being limited to no speaking or signage, members of chapter 009 took matters into their own hands. While they did march after the end of the parade, they marched with their US Flags upside down. When the parade ended and people were getting ready to speak on stage, 18 members of VFP stood with their mouths gagged, in full VFP gear and signs that read, "American Legion SILENCES messages of peace from veterans." They were arrested and arraigned on charges of disturbing a public assembly.

Supporters are encouraged to write, call, fax, and email the Mayor of Boston, Tom Menino.

Phone: 617.635.4500
Fax: 617.635.2851
Write: Mayor Thomas Menino
Mayor's Office
1 City Hall Plaza
Boston, MA 02201

Veterans for Peace March Against War

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