Alabama-Overseas Voter Ballots-SnailMail

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"The Hill" has a heartening article on how Fed-Ex is stepping up to the plate regarding getting absentee overseas voter ballots back in time to be validly counted in this upcoming presidential election. (When I read this article Jill Lehnert immediately comes to mind.)
FedEx, voter group hope to ease ballot shipping woes

Seeking to alleviate a top concern for overseas absentee voters, FedEx will team up with a voter participation group and ship ballots for free or at heavy discounts this fall, the company announced this week.

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Overseas voters are often uncertain their votes will be counted, leading to dissatisfaction and suppressed turnout, Rodriguez said. FedEx tracking and confirmation emails, she says, are what make the initiative so exciting.

The program comes at a time when overseas interest in the U.S. election, particularly among civilian ex-pats, could be at an all-time high. The Washington Post documented unprecedented interest in Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) among Americans overseas, and a Global Primary for overseas Democrats drew 20,000 votes, with Obama raking in 65 percent.

This just sounds super until the very last sentence which gave me pause. Go figure........what is their deal?

Overseas voters will be able to ship their ballots at the lowered rates between September 15 and October 29. Alabama will be the only state not to participate, as it requires overseas ballots to be sent via U.S. mail.

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