All the News Thats "Unfit" to Print

David Bronwich takes the New York Times to task for falsifying their news coverage, New York Times Falsifies Obama-Netanyahu Meeting.

The New York Times assigned to the story a campaign-trail reporter, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, whose political perceptions are bland and whose knowledge of Israeli-American relations is an antiseptic zero. At the newspaper of record, a thing like that does not happen by accident. They took the most anxiously awaited meeting with a foreign leader of President Obama's term thus far, and buried it on page 12. The coverage of a major event, which the same newspaper had greeted only the day before by running an oversize attack-Iran op-ed by Jeffrey Goldberg, has officially now shrunk to the scale of a smaller op-ed.


What is more disturbing and far more consequential is that the Times made this meeting into a story about Iran. They read into Obama's careful and measured remarks exactly the hostile intention toward Iran and the explicit deadline for results from his negotiations with Iran that Obama had taken great pains to avoid stating. Obama's relevant remark was this:

Bronwich  does a careful rebuttal of their article and refers to actual quotes from the transcript of Obama's remarks, and also provides a link to a previous story that contains the entire transcript and a video of his remarks.


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