Americans associate guns with minorities?

The show Family Guy is a cartoon comedy that is based on the typical American culture. It is understandable that racism is an everyday part of American life, but did this show take it a bit too far?

One the Family Guy's most popular shows included a saying, "Guns don't kill people, Dangerous minorities do." Including such a saying seems to imply that most Americans believe minorities are the reason for gun crimes and are dangerous.

Unfortunately, with quotes like that, the show can send out some mixed messages to people. It that episode of Family Guy, the father wants to join the fictional National Gun Association to become more manly. Then the NGA recruiting commericial comes on encouraging parents to get their kids to be more comfortable around guns, which is another whole issue. Lastly they go on to say, "Guns don't kill people, Dangerous minorities do."

It is such a shame how media sometimes uses race for comedy purposes. It really is not that funny. Instead of putting so much effort in trying to make jokes about minorities, they should actually try sending out much more positive messages.

In my opinion, shows like this make minorities feel that society expects them to be a dangerous threat, which in turn they may act upon. If we continuously accuse minorities and blame them for the bad in the world then when would they ever get an opportunity to change for the better?

Here are some ways this show has affected American behavior:

Keystone Skinheads, a white supremacist hate group, seemed to find this quote appealing enough to use for one of their posters. They are well-known for posting up flyers that imply racism against minorities. It is so pitiful to see these people do this.


While doing a google search of Family Guy's quote, "Guns don't kill people, Dangerous minorities do", I also came across a website called
Digital Militia
that is actually selling shirts with the saying on it. Not only is this shirt company making profits from Family guy's racist quote, but they are also encouraging racism by putting it on clothing for people to wear.


This is a excellent example showing how media affects our lives. If Americans see something on television, it usually has a big impact on their lives. Good and bad. So why doesn't the media stop to think of using this to their advantage Rather than putting stereotypes and racist attitudes on media we need to spread more positive attitudes.

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Wow, that is pretty ridiculous.
But I wonder if the point was not necessarily to "imply that most Americans believe minorities are the reason for gun crimes and are dangerous" but to poke fun of that racial stereotype satirically.
I do however agree that this type of media only adds to the problem of racism.