Amid Floating Notions

Image: Take A Seat @ DigArti
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There have been so many times over the past few years that it seems like watching news is like watching a poorly-translated film with an out-of-synch soundtrack. Or maybe like being overseas watching a Chinese movie with English subtitles, in a Thai theater where the film guy was also the "live translation".

Hilarious. The hero and his lover are both tied to stakes, the tide is coming in, the crabs are starting to nip at their heels, he has tears streaming down his cheeks as he (obviously) professes his love for the woman, who is likewise professing back through tears, stretching hard against the ropes. Oh the horror! So of course at that precise moment the audience was roaring with laughter. The subtitles were bad enough, but it was definitely the local guy cracking wise that got everyone laughing.

A real-world example would be a Bush/Cheney Production, w/subtitles by Rice + Gates, translated for the rest of us by Chris Rock.

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