I have noticed an unfortunate frequency in articles about anti-gay bias and assualts since starting my LGBT news link site LGBT Rainbow Links Newscenter.

Today I posted links to two troubling stories.

The first from FOX9 in the Twin Cities about a fake Red Cross Blood Drive flyer which as the FOX9 reporter noted, The flyers go on to describe qualifications for donating blood, but at the end of the first paragraph, is a derogatory word aimed at homosexual men.

The second story is from WSB-TV in Atlanta and reports on the assualt of a gay man Sunday evening in Midtown as he was walking to the MARTA station just a short distance from a gay bar. According to police he was beaten badly enough to be taken to the hospital. The victim told a friend that he was leaving the popular bar Blake's when two men approached him and said hello. He said, ‘Hi,’ and then they asked him if he was gay. He said, ‘Yes,’ and that’s when he said they began punching and kicking him.

While most news of anti-gay bias is reported in the Gay Media and Press, more and more articles are coming from the mainstream News Media which of course gives the stories more exposure, but is it helping ?

We llike to think of ourselves as a civilized Nation, but how and when can we be when gays are continued to be called faggots and someone can be assualted or worse for being who they are ?

It is now socially unacceptable to use the word Nigger, when will the same hold true for the word Faggot ?

When will there be the great continued outcry over the assualt and killing of LGBTs as there was the lynching of people of color ?

When will LGBTs have and hold all  the Rights of the Majority and not just some as dictated by law of Federal or State Government or at the whim of the People who are allowed their Full and Equal Rights but not willing to share those Rights with others who are different from them ?

Some in the African-American community of our Country have a problem when the struggle of LGBTs is compared to their own for Rights and Dignity, without prejudice or malice, to hold the Unalienable Rights of the Majority and not just the chosen few. To have the pursuit of Happiness when that happiness includes the ability to marry the person one loves and not just be joined in union if even that is allowed based solely on their sexual identity. And that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with these Rights.

Show me the difference, I must be blind because I see none.

Until there is justice and equality for all the people, the struggle will continue, then and only then, can we call ourselves a true civilized Nation with no malice, prejudice or injustice to anyone.

Winston Churchill said ...  A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality. 


UPDATE 3/10/09 - Since I wrote this article early this morning yet another story has come to light as FOX29 reports.

UPDATE 3/13/09 - It has come to my attention thanks to two of my blogging compatriots that the story which was given by FOX9 regarding the Red Cross Blood Flyers may not have been perpetrated by anti-gay activists or individual, but in fact may have been the work of what is being termed Queer Provocateurs, in other words extremists of the LGBT community who will stop at nothing and do anything, even to cast a false light on anti-gay proponents, to "point out the wrongs" of society on LGBTs.

If this is the case, this writer and Publisher falls completely in line with my fellow LGBT bloggers whom I have heard from this afternoon and find what has been done totally despicable and an insult not only to the American Red Cross but the LGBT Community as whole.

The old saying, the ends justify the means is not always true and certainly not in this case just as in an article I wrote back in February ... SOMETIMES TOO MUCH CAN RUIN THE CAUSE here on ePluribus.

Prior to doing this update I went to the FOX9 website and there has been no followup or change in the station's original story.

However, below is a link to explain what has been done before .....


If this does end up being the case it just proves that any societical cause can have its extremist side. The LGBT Community included, and for that, I and many others I was in contact with today are ashamed and such actions do nothing but to hurt the LGBT Community.

I doubt there is a way to prosecute those who have done this, if in fact this is what happened, but if so, I hope whoever is responsible will get the maximum allowed by penal law.

If stoning were an option as a penalty, I'd be right in the front row.

In the meantime, if I learn anything that would point to "Queer Provocatuers" being responsible for the flyers in the Twin Cities I will do another update.

UPDATE 3/14/09 - Pam's House Blend has an article today about the flyers posted in the Twin Cities.

An email claiming responsibility for the flyers was sent to NG Blog and reads in part:

The Red Cross flyers seen around the Twin Cities were posted by Humans Opposed to Medical Oppression (H.O.M.O.).

We are not a transphobic or homophobic group. We are comprised of hetero, queer, trans and allies.


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