Barbara Boxer Comments on Second TVA Spill

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In response to the second TVA spill that occured this week at TVA's Widow's Creek Fossil Plant in Alabama, Senator Barbara Boxer, Chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, had this to say:

"The Tennessee Valley Authority has a lot to answer for - the first step is to prevent further spills and damage to communities around its plants. I have asked the TVA for a complete assessment of the safety of its waste disposal sites and their plans for upgrading those sites. This second pollution spill must be a wakeup message to the TVA and to the U.S. EPA that the current situation is unacceptable."

This comes on the heels of a hearing on Jan. 8th before her committee where the head of the Kingston Fossil Plant, the Executive Director of the the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, and the Director of Emergency Management Services, Roane County, Tennessee testified about the effects and the cleanup of the oil spill.  For those who have not read her statement, here it is. You can watch the entire hearing here.


I called the Majority Office of the Committee on EPW right after I heard the Widow's Creek spill had occurred, at that point they hadn't heard about it.  I can only imagine that this made Sen. Boxer hopping mad, because she was already ticked about the first disaster. 

I'm not sure she is aware of the other disaster.

She makes me proud, and she's my Senator. :)   In Senator Boxer, we have a real hero for the environment, and as she said to Sen. Inhofe, "Elections have consequences!"


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It's important to keep this in front of the public, so it doesn't get swept away under an avalanche of paperwork and other issues.