Barney Frank on the Vote and the Feelings of Republicans

Snagged from TPM via TalkLeft, hattip to BigTentDemocrat who reminds us of the republicans' campaign line with his "feelings before country"

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I don't know anything about them, how valid their research, or in this case, how germaine their finding is to today's votes and the lobbying influences that might have affected them. But the data is interesting and worth poking at to see if it has validity.

are blowing it big time. The public doesn't trust them and why should they?

My view of what happened yesterday? The President couldn't get enough votes from his party and the Speaker couldn't get enough votes from her party to pass the bill. I think they were all embarrassed and didn't deal with it well when it became obvious the votes weren't there.

This is the speech that Republicans objected to as partisan.


1) equity (if American taxpayers are going to give bush/paulsen 700 billion dollars, then the american taxpayers should get equity in what that 700 billion "buys")
2) forbearance (if this mess came about because of shady mortgage backed derivitives, then the poor sods (not the flippers) who are stuck with these mortgages and can't pay, deserve equitable bankruptcy rights)
3) regulation
4) reform of the golden parachutes of executives who pocket money while driving their companies into the ground and expecting the taxpayers to bail them out.

but it might have been better for a speech given after the vote. I don't accept it is the reason for Republicans not voting for it but I do think the public might have a different perception of her speech too. People are just tired of the politics around this period. They looked like a bunch of grades school kids yesterday.

I think that it is malarky that this speech is the reason that a bunch of Republicans didn't vote for bail out package. I agree with Frank's explanation here -- Country First, my foot.