Being Harassed In The Streets

Street harassment is very common for women, especially every time they walk through sidewalks, school, malls, or when they are in the train station, bus, and in public places. It mostly happens when women walks past a group of males. They get humiliating sexual remarks and even some gets physically harassed. They act like bunch of pigs/animals, it is like they were born yesterday and they never saw a women before.

This does not just happen to only women, it also happens towards ethnicity. These harassment happens when a person is walking by a group of people and the person is being outnumbered. Usually the people that are doing the harassment think it is funny, cool, or makes them look tough to do it.

The group of people who harasses the person usually picks on those who looks vulnerable, or thinks that he/she is above everyone else. It may not being only a group of people, it could also be a homeless person or people that is on drugs who act like this. They get very vulgar and hostile towards certain type of people, or maybe people in general.

There are many cases that people end up dead because of these type of situation from both parties, those who being harassed and those who are harassing. Usually people fight, defend themselves, or get their people to beat them up. They have been incident that they were brawls because of this.

We really can not stop this from happening. It happens 24/7 no matter what. The only way we can stop it from happening is to cross the street, walk the other way, or just run away from the situation to a near-by place with a lot of people and call the police.

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This post is interesting and true. I would have liked to hear possible scenarios that may have happened to you, or a situation you read about that sparked the idea for this post.