Benazir Bhutto Has Been Assassinated

Less than an hour ago former Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto was killed while addressing a rally. Apparently she was first shot and this was followed up by a suicide bombing that created a large explosion. Reportedly somewhere around 20 people were killed by the bomb. The outdoor rally was taking place in city near the Pakistani capital. She is someone I honor for her bravery.

Whle the Bush Administration appeared to be supporting her as a democratizing force in the country, I for one do not dismiss the idea that the Bush/Cheney gang and special ops units from the Pentagon or other intelligence units might not have dirty hands. I feel great moral outrage that such killings take place but I am very wary about any US involvement in "bringing democracy" to Pakistan or anywhere else. Destabilization of friends and foes alike is a tried-and-true tactic of imperialist governments. I hope Democratic politicians do not make what to my mind would be the dangerous mistake of attacking Bush for not having intervened in Pakistan sooner. In this regard one should note Israel's apparently unmotivated (at least to my thinking) evacuation of Jews from Iran. This is a very old Jewish community with parliamentary representatives in the Iranian government still. Is this a precursor of an Israeli military move against Iran rather than a response to repression of Jewish citizens by the Iranian government? Is the US moving closer to a military strike against Iran and bringing us dangerously close to a Third World War.

Whatever the aims of George W. Bush et al, I mourn the loss of Ms. Bhutto.

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It was just a matter of time. Why this had to be, I don't know. We just can't have the womenfolk speaking out, now can we?

I have been reading Betty Friedan's autobiography, having recently finished "The Fountain of Age" --I think I have the title right--that she wrote. I wish I had known her. Quite inspiring still.


Why Benazir Bhutto allowed herself to be used as a political pawn passing between the US and Pakistan is quite beyond me. Who really killed her?

I wasn't a big fan of Bhutto's. She was an incredibly corrupt leader too easily bought for the highest price. No country deserves that.

I thought she was being used in the way you say. Still no one deserves to be assassinated either.

Is her death clearing the way for the other "democratic" opponent, the guy on the ultra right.


at Musharraf for this tragedy. Spencer Ackerman has interviewed a long time adviser and friend of Bhutto plus a few other posts on the assassination over on TPMmuckraker.

What concerns me is that blaming him would lead to a bi-partisan effort to accomplish "regime change." Even if abstractly that could be justified I cannot believe that anyone running the present US government or deployed by those in power can accomplish anything positive for the Pakistanis or for the U.S. or for anyone else in the world.


She had no other purpose.

The Nation has a very interesting article that supports what you are saying.