Candidate Jason Bane - how local politics shape energy policy

This year, we have an opportunity to make a big impact on Jefferson county, for the state of Colorado, and potentially for the way this nation uses energy. Jason Bane is challenging Kevin McCaskey for County Commissioner, and after you hear some of the scandalous activity this board of commissioners has engaged in, I believe you will agree with Jason, that it is time to end the culture of corruption in Jefferson County.
More importantly, with NREL and the School of the Mines, it is also time to make Jefferson county
'The epicenter of Renewable Energy' to quote Jason.

See the interview here...The Jeffco Board of County Commissioners is a 3 member board. Kathy Hartman became the first democrat on the board in 2006 in the last 14 years. That was in part to the Mark Paschall $20,000 kickback scandal. But the scandals don't stop there.
By electing another Democrat, like Jason Bane, the board will be a Democratic majority.
If you care about renewable energy and sound leadership in government, listen to what has been going wrong on the county commissioner level in Jefferson County, and where it could be headed under someone like Jason Bane...

Why are you running for County Commissioner?

The main reason I am running is to put an end to the corruption that has plagued this county for years.
My opponent, Kevin McCaskey joined with Jim Congrove last year and they used taxpayer money to hire a private investigator to follow around Jefferson County citizens who were critical of the government. An Adams county District Attorney nearly indicted them - I tell people these stories and they can't believe me but they all have been reported in the Newspaper.

What is your vision for economic development in Jefferson County?

We have the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, the School of the Mines, we have a Governor, Governor Ritter who is very pro-renewable energy.
There is no reason that Jefferson County shouldn't be the epicenter of the renewable energy industry in this country.
We've got the expertise, the resources, you could bring your company here to Jefferson County and have experts to real experts at NREL and the School of Mines and that is something that I am going to do if elected is to bring these companies here and bring these good jobs and that fits into the theme of responsible growth that preserves open space and growing this county with good jobs give back to the community and give back to the Earth with these renewable energy companies.

Now that sounds like real leadership for Jefferson County, for our state, and for our nation.
It is time that this part of the country, the place that has been the long neglected area of focus in our country - Renewable Energy, have new leadership, that is not Republican and is looking forward to a new era of Energy solutions.

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I enjoy reading about the local candidates and what is going on in the different states and districts.

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