A Candidate's Military Pedigree

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You know, this whole thing is interesting, from just a simple statement, of Truth.

For McCain Hasn't Always Mattered

For the third straight day, Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign has raised a ruckus over comments suggesting that his military service may not, in and of itself, qualify the Senator to be commander-in-chief.

I'm not going to make this long and drawn out, it already has been, especially on the wires from folks who just plain don't get it, and including some who should:

On Tuesday, the campaign hosted a conference call with reporters during which chief surrogate Sen. Lindsey Graham said that McCain was "the best-qualified person to be commander-in-chief" since a previous military-political figure: Dwight Eisenhower.

"He has walked in the shoes of those in uniform. He understands their language. He has grown up in a military family," said the South Carolina Republican, "and quite frankly his military service is extraordinary."

I want to point out something here. His shoes were on his feet in the air, not on the ground with most of the grunts, there Lindsey. And a McCain/Eisenhower comparison? Give me a break, and you're a JAG?

By the way, if McCain thinks Now that his Military Service, and POW status wipes out any questions about being the CiC, why did he vote for the Guard Member (who's last year still isn't accountable) over his friend and fellow 'Nam Vet Kerry, who's shoes, by the way, were on the ground and over the muddy waters of 'Nam.

Than of course you followed with this:

But a more telling example may have come more recently, when McCain found himself campaigning against one of the few Iraq War veterans who was running for office. In 2006, the Senator appeared at a late-stage but crucial fundraiser for Illinois Rep. Pete Roskam, who was being challenged by Democrat Tammy Duckworth, a veteran who had lost both her legs in Iraq.

Now I'd like to see Tammy in an Obama Administration, Veterans Administration. I gained a lot of respect for this young lady following her run in '04 and since she took over Ill. VA. But if not in the Administration some are saying she might run for Obama's old seat. Either way, or if neither, I think she'd make a great pick for the Keynote Speaker at the Convention, look what that did for Obama.

And I leave you with a reply from Chris LeJeune (over at VetVoice) in one of the front page posts that you can read here about McCains thoughts on Military service and the CiC.

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If getting himself shot down qualifies McCain to be president, imagine how qualified he'd be if he'd managed not to get himself shot down.

Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy (Retired) writes from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Read his commentaries at Pen and Sword, ePluribus and

Commander Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy (Retired) writes from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Read his commentaries at Pen and Sword, ePluribus and