Car Makers, Labor Takers

[Image: Automobile Magazine, 25 Most Beautiful Cars]
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Friends and me were standing in the driveway when my dad pulled up in one of those '63 split-windowed, 327 'Vettes. It was summer of 1965, and by the time our drool had hit the ground, the old man had flipped me the keys, and as he was walking away said: "Be careful with that thing. It's got a little shimmie at around 125." (It did).

Somedays that's the way I feel about this Country: it's got a little vibration at higher speeds. Some folk think we need to change the tires. I think we need a complete overhaul. The story below reminded me of that this morning.
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David Bailey/Reuters: GM offers all U.S. union workers buyouts or retirement
DETROIT (Reuters) - General Motors Corp will offer buyouts or early retirements to all 74,000 U.S. hourly workers represented by the United Auto Workers in a sweeping deal with the union intended to clear the way for GM to hire lower-cost replacements.

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