This is a 'Change' Election, not a 'Throwback' Election.

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Congratulations to Hillary Clinton and her supporters for the win in West Virginia.

Clinton netted 137,410 of the popular vote.

Many estimated that West Virginians would vote upwards or over 500,000 to 600,000, but that was not the case.

The turnout was lower.

Moving on....


Today Clinton will use this West Virginia win for a few fronts.

One, to entice more fundraisers. Rumor has it that her campaign is deeply in debt and this is one of the reasons that she is still running, to appeal to voters for money. Simple as that.

She is appealing to superdelegates for another chance. Her argument is going to be the popular vote, again, with Florida and Michigan. This is an attempt to hold the horses in the barn for another week. Will this attempt be successful? I don't think so. The reason is that the math is insurmountable at this point. We all know that Clinton's only argument, again is the popular vote and Michigan and Florida. My take, Michigan and Florida will be solved and when it is Clinton is still behind in the popular and delegate count. Note: We must be clear about Florida and Michigan. Clinton said these votes do not count, it on record via audio and video. Barack Obama's name was not on the ballot in Michigan and neither campaigned in Florida. To seat these delegate as is, will not happen.

Everyone now are listening to pundits. Pat Buchanan is salivating at the mouth, rallying for Clinton until the earth cave in. We know the the Republicans, again, would rather run against Clinton versus Obama. Why? After the special election in Mississippi last night, the Democrat Travis Childers beat the Republican in a solid Republican district. You say, "so what"? The so what is that the GOP used Barack Obama and Reverend Jeremiah Wright, attempting to 'link' Childers to the 'liberal left'. Well, it failed miserably. Childers won by eight points. And the GOP need to rethink how to run against Obama. If they attempt race baiting, this is proof that not only was it a turn off, but the electorate voted for the other guy. Barack Obama is a transcending candidate and they don't know how to run against him.

For all intention purposes, this is a 'Change' election, not a 'Throwback' election which is why Hillary and Bill Clinton should not be on the ticket.

I don't know if Clinton wants on, but my gut tells me she does. Remember, the Clintons love the national stage, so why not the second spot. But it should not happen.

Obama supporters would be livid with Clinton on this ticket. Barack Obama has appealed to many across the board and his main theme from day one was change. For that alone, the Clintons are disqualified. 'Next".

If Clinton is offered the VP spot, it is not just her but Bill Clinton, too. Many are scratching their heads in wonderment about Bill Clinton. Can he take orders? Can he stay on message? Will his wife push 'his' agenda? And why would any candidate want a former president and first lady breathing down his neck as he tries to govern? All these questions, alone, is enough to say 'next'.

The fierce language, dog whistle tactics used through this campaign after Iowa makes many pause, even if you are a Clinton supporter. She has already stated Obama is only good for a speech, he is not ready to be commander in chief, he has not passed the commander in chief threshold, but she and McCain have. This alone is a 527 ad ready to go nationwide. Using Clinton's words against her ticket mate and watching Obama have to defend the words that Hillary Clinton used against him. Again, 'next'.

The Clinton baggage. I mean the greatest hits from the 90s will suddenly reappear and we are watching clips of memory lane being played, which was part of the reason we did not win in 2000. Do we need to go there? Again? Also, there is much curiosity and suspect about those donors of the Clinton Library and some shady money dealings of the Clintons. Folks, she has not been vetted for this and neither has Bill Clinton post his presidential years. For the Clintons to be apprehensive to not release tax records and refusing to give any information about the Clinton Library just makes one wonder if there is any 'there, there'. 'Next'

We need a Vice-Presidential candidate that can bring a red or purple state to the table. We will win New York. Simple as that, 'next'.

Hillary Clinton since entering this race has high negatives/unfavorables. This was from day one and continues now. She is revered in the Democratic Party, but once you poll outside the party it is a downward spiral. No one can say any Republicans will vote for her, in fact whatever polling there is must be scant. Yes, during this primary season we have had the usual 'Rush Limbaugh Voters' spoiling some of these primaries, but in actuality these voters will not vote for Clinton.

Finally, Hillary Clinton on the ticket will revitalize the conservative base of the Republican Party. John McCain is having issues right now with this faction of his party, with Clinton's name on it folks will come out in droves to vote for McCain, being a vote against Clinton. We all know this to be true. Which is why all the republican pundits are swooning over Hillary Clinton. They want her badly. They know how to beat her.

Barack had a bad night last night. No two ways about it, but remember this is a primary not a general election. Why? A couple of things. As I indicated above in regards to the MS-01 special election, the Democrat won. This means that the person dragging the Republicans down is George W. Bush. People are livid and angry and they are turning their guns to the polls. Recent polling does not bear well for the Republicans, many have the economy as the number one issue and the public turned sour to the Bush Administration and the handling of the Iraq War fiasco.

This is a Democratic year. People in the end are going to vote on the issues in November, the Bush Administration, the GOP lack of leadership and George W. Bush.

In the end, November will be a referendum on the Republican Party and George W. Bush.

That is why Obama will be competitive and will bring states into play. He is running a 50 State Strategy, always have from the start.

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