The 'chubby' little Voter Felon!!

was arrested on voter fraud charges.

And I would say this little chubby 25yr old is a true blue 'chickenhawk' along with being of criminal mind, or why isn't he in the military defending the 'homeland'!!

Ontario police arrest man in voter fraud case

Signature-Gatherer Arrested In Voter Fraud
Calif. GOP Contractor Accused In Registration Scam Charged With Falsely Registering Own Address

Video link for LA Times Story above

As I'm sure he uses his computer to keep tabs on, and receive his talking points, I offer his Medal, a military one seems not what he would look for while trying to create havoc in our Democratic Voting process and Right!

And as there will be no Military Patches for our brave little Voter Registration and his own possible Voter Fraud I feel it's my duty to embellish this tool of Democracy destruction the following patch, to wear Proudly!!

From all of us older Veterans but Especially from the Soldiers of todays Multiple Tours Extremely Dangerous Occupations and Veterans of same who served their Multiple Tours and Survived, we hope you wear this with pride!!

And because you've chosen a differant route, not to defend country, but to destroy the citizens rights to participate the way they choose by Registering to Vote and Registering to a Party of their choice, plus make this post really worthwhile let me bring the Reality!


Fighting In A "Hornet's Nest"

There is a reason the base 60 Minutes and correspondent Lara Logan traveled to is called "Wilderness." It's in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but desolate mountains stretching endlessly into the distance, until you drop onto a tiny patch of ground not much bigger than a football field in the heart of enemy territory.

"I thought it was gonna be a little bit quieter here. But we landed in a hornet's nest when we got here," explains Staff Sgt. Jake Schlereth.

When Schlereth, 27, and 33-year-old Sgt. First Class Anthony Barnes were sent to Afghanistan, they thought the fight was mostly over.

When he arrived in Afghanistan, Sgt. Schlereth didn't think he'd be landing in a hornet's nest. "I guess I really didn't know what to expect when I got here. I'd never been here before, I'd only been to Iraq. And you didn't hear too much about Afghanistan on the news. It was all about Iraq."

"Iraq, yeah. … Roles are reversed," Sgt. Barnes comments.

"Yeah. Reversed. And now it's all about here," Schlereth agrees.

It's all about "here" because the fight in Afghanistan is worse than ever. The tiny base has been hit by rockets and mortars at least 30 times since these soldiers arrived in March.

And that's only part of it: Barnes, Schlereth and their fellow soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division have survived 20 ambushes on their patrols.

Combat In Afghanistan

Oct. 19, 2008 Enemy combatants for U.S. troops are on the rise in Afghanistan. Lara Logan reports from a forward operating base near Pakistan.

Frontlines Of Al Qaeda

02/11/2004: Lara Logan reported from the frontline of the War on Terror in Afghanistan

Ambush In Afghanistan

U.S. Army Special Forces say they were shocked by military tactics used by Taliban fighters who ambushed them near Kandahar, Afghanistan, in their first account of the unreported battle. Lara Logan reports.

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The Allegations against ACORN

John McCain and other Republicans accuse the grass roots community organization ACORN of attempting to steal next month’s presidential election. The organization says it has helped register one-point-three million low-income, minority and young voters. A look at ACORN and the allegations against it

Bertha Lewis, Interim Chief Organizer of ACORN.

Greg Gordon, National Correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers Washington Bureau.

Ken Klukowski, Legal Analyst for the American Civil Rights Union.

Steve Ansolabehere, Professor of Government at Harvard University.

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Do We Need Change, You're Damn Right We Do, And The World Needs Us To Change, Now!!

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."