Class Action Suit Filed against KBR - casualties result of poor training

The law firm involved is very small and has never filed a class action suit before. The focus of the suit is very narrow according to the attorney, "Our claims are specifically for Americans put into situations where they were put at risk by lack of training, and the failure of their supervisors to handle that issue." Their client alleges KBR failed to provide adequate training. He lost the use of his hand when his co-worker mis-operated the wreckers machinery, crushing his hand in the mechanism.

The suit lists KBR and 9 subsidiaries it uses to pay contractors.

This lawsuit is worth keeping an eye on.

Iraq Injury Spurs Class Action Against KBR
Driver says Kellogg Brown & Root didn't properly train its workers, which led to his debilitating injury

By Greg Land, Fulton County Daily Report, August 18, 2008

A Griffin wrecker driver who signed on with Houston-based Kellogg, Brown & Root to work in Iraq says the company dumped him in a war zone with poorly trained, unskilled co-workers whose inability to follow simple instructions left him injured and unable to work.

On Tuesday, his lawyers filed a class action lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia outlining Curtis "Bubba" Coffey's own experiences with the multinational contractor and pointing to several other highly publicized reports of deaths, accidents and sexual assaults allegedly tied to the company. Similar actions have been filed in other court jurisdictions across the nation with mixed results.

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