CO Rep Morgan Carroll,CCHI,and SEIU working for Healthcare with the FAIR Bill

Recently, SEIU had a phone bank to put voters in touch with their State House Representative and allow them to voice their support for the FAIR Act.
This Act would allow Colorado's Insurance Commissioner to review rate hikes for individuals and small business owners.
The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative started this action and gave voice to thousands of citizens across the state. Now, Rep. Morgan Carroll has introduced this Bill and the vote is THIS WEEK.
Here is what you can do...

Call the capitol and tell your House Rep or Senator that you want them to Support the FAIR Act.
303 866 2904
Also, you can sign Progress Now's petition
in support of the Bill - HB 1389
and for more about CCHI
and for more on the local 105 of SEIU

Here is a word from Jake Williams of SEIU, Rep. Morgan Carroll, and Didi Pierson and Monica Griego of Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.

Colorado has seen rate hikes as high as 60% in 4 years. It is time we stand up to the insurance industry and make sure our health is their bottom line.

-Rep Morgan Carroll

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I'm covered by medicare and Kaiser so these days it is my medicare premium that rises but Kaiser is pretty level, but my husband isn't on medicare yet and increases by at least 20% a year if we factor in higher co-pays for doctors visits and prescriptions and higher specialist fees. It is crucial to get some regulation of health insurance, especially considering that all the universal health programs presently on the table are not one-payer plans will work through insurers.