Comes November--Let's Not Forget Local Elections

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Mike Turner, who hopes to replace Rep, congressman Frank Wolf in my northern VA district. I found him to be more articulate on key issues facing the country than any other candidate in the present election, bar none. A really impressive hombre! He is contending in a primary against another, much weaker but better known local candidate on June 10, so we will see.

Perhaps one of the consequences of this long, hard-fought Presidential primary election campaign, finally coming to a close, will be the possibility that we can work to build on the 2006 Democratic election seat by getting candidates like him elected. Only by giving the next president solid support in the House and Senate, can we have a hope getting out of the mess made by the Bush gang.

I was particularly impressed with Turner's program for pulling US troops out of Iraq by Dec. 2009. I recommend that folks take a look at Mike's web page, where he lays out his program in detail. He has also aligned himself a project put forward by Responsible Media LLC, laying out a "Responsible Plan" to end the war in Iraq built around the following initiatives:

End U.S. Military Action in Iraq
Use U.S. diplomatic power
Address humanitarian concerns
Restore our Constitution
Restore our military
Restore independence to the media
It is endorsed by 54 House and Senate candidates, who names can be found on the website.

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