Contractor Casualties in Iraq

News of casualties of contractors working in Iraq.

  • 2 killed near Mosul
  • 1 suicide of a hostage
  • 4 killed near Mosul, 1 American

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Iraq: Car bomb kills 2 Iraqi Kurdish contractors
By Mazin Yahya, AP, July 22, 2008

Two Iraqi Kurd contractors working as translators died in a car bombing in the northern city of Mosul. Additional reports state they were working as bodyguards to members of the Kurdish Democratic Party.

Note: There are 5 UK hostages being held in Iraq. One is reported to have committed suicide. However, similar claims were made of BBC journalist Alan Johnston who was later released.

Suicide claim over Scots hostage in Iraq
By Gerri Peev, Scotsman, July 21, 2008

The five – an IT consultant named Peter Moore from Lincolnshire, the two Scottish bodyguards and another two from Wales, Alec MacLachlan from Llanelli and Jason from Cardiff – were seized in May last year.

Meanwhile, GardaWorld, the employer of the four guards, is locked in an American court battle over claims it has made £1 million by continuing to charge for their services since they were seized 14 months ago. It has also been claimed that it has no kidnap insurance, leaving it unable to pay any ransom demands.

Former AR Firefighter Killed in Iraq
KAIT, ABC News, Jonesboro, AR, July 9, 2008

A former Springdale firefighter has died while working as a contractor in Iraq, only a week after arriving in the Middle East nation.

Family members say 25-year-old Justin D. English was working for Wackenhut Corp. and died after a military convoy he rode in was ambushed on the way to Mosul. His aunt, Janet English, says a roadside bomb detonated near him.

Note: The above news article is likely related to the following news released the day before.

Bomb kills contractors near Mosul
Al Jazeera English, July 8, 2008

A roadside bomb has killed four contractors and wounded eight others in northern Iraq, the US military said. The bomb struck a convoy carrying contractors near Mosul on Monday, the military said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Note: Funeral for former hostage

The funeral for Staff Sargeant Alex Ramon Jimenez, will be held on Friday. His remains were found with those of Specialist Byron J. Fouty on July 8. Both were captured after their convoy was ambushed on May 12, 2007- Boston Globe

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