Coupons, Social Media and Harvesting YOUR Data

As the year ends and we look back on 2018 as the year that Social Media let us down, it is also a good time to look at the ways we helped leak our own data, and privacy.


Social Media platforms are rife with all sorts of hoaxes. $50 coupon from Costco, $150 dollar coupon from Kohls. Just like our page and share it with all of your friends, oh, and be sure to fill out the form at this link so we can send you your coupon. (Spoiler Alert: They won't send you anything.)

These pages are harvesting information from you and with any luck a bunch of your friends. It must be true if my buddy sent me the link -- or liked the page -- or ... 

DON'T, please just don't. These types of scams may seem innocent enough, but somewhere out there are HUGE piles of harvested information. Different information being harvested about you from different locations and all compiled into a big profile. This nefariously harvested data can then be sold, to hackers, to marketers, to a large swath of people you would rather not have your information.


You really don't need to share all of the details of your life on your Social Media profile. Delete that shit. The more you have publicly available, the easier you are to profile by marketers and others.

Are the people on your friends list really friends? Be selective about who you do share your posts with.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and download Facebook Purity. You won't be sorry. Firefox browser also has a Facebook Container plugin that prevents Facebook from tracking you all over the web to deliver advertisements. You can run both of these at the same time and FB becomes instantly more enjoyable.

Happy New Year!

~ Roxy

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