CrissCrossing Ohio Solution Page

CrissCrossing Ohio
By John Michael Spinelli

For ePuribus Media OhioNews Bureau

COLUMBUS, OHIO: EPluribus Media OhioNews Bureau on Monday launched the first edition of CrissCrossing Ohio, the Buckeye State's first, greatest and only political and government word puzzle, which featured clues related to Ohio government, Gov. Ted Strickland, now-resigned Attorney General Marc Dann, Ohio bloggers and print reporters and more.

EPluribus Media OhioNews Bureau will feature CrissCrossing Ohio the third Monday of each month. The solution page for CrissCrossing Ohio will be published two days later. If you have an Ohio clue and an answer you'd like to submit for consideration for a future CrissCrossing Ohio, email them with your name, address and phone number to:

CrissCrossing Ohio is copyrighted by John Michael Spinelli and published by ePluribus Media OhioNews Bureau as part of its innovative and unique coverage of Ohio news and information. If you would like to sponsor CrissCrossing Ohio or add it as a feature to your news and information site, please contact the OhioNews Bureau. All rights reserved.

For the announcement of CrissCrossing Ohio and to see the grid and clue pages, go here.

About the author
John Michael Spinelli is a former Ohio Statehouse government and political reporter and business columnist. He now serves as the OhioNews Bureau Chief for ePluribus Media Journal. Find ONB archives here. If readers have a news tip or story idea about Ohio politics or government, contact the OhioNews Bureau at:

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