CWA Union & Harry Belafonte Endorse John Edwards!

While out on the campaign trail in South Carolina on Thursday, Senator Edwards won two key endorsements, the first from the Communications Workers of America of the early primary state of Nevada, with the second from notable social activist, Harry Belafonte.

Nevada CWA Union Endorsement

As labor expert Jonathon Tasini predicted, the Nevada Communications Workers of America endorsed John Edwards.

Nevada Communication Workers of America Endorse John Edwards

The Communications Workers of America in Nevada today announced its endorsement of Senator John Edwards for president. The Communications Workers of America represents both active and retired members throughout the state of Nevada.

CWA in Nevada becomes the first of CWA to endorse a presidential candidate in this election cycle. Their support of Senator Edwards is due to his long history fighting for organized labor and middle class families

John Edwards has spent his entire career fighting for working families and organized labor," said CWA local 9413 President Chuck Benway. "His rural background, his support for Second Amendment rights, his resolute nature, his willingness to act and fight for working families, and his leadership on issues like universal health care and trade were essential in securing the endorsement"

On the Campaign Trail in South Carolina

Senator Edwards made a number of stops in South Carolina on Thursday. In Charleston, he was joined by the great Harry Belafonte, musician, actor and social activist, who endorsed John Edwards for President. Listen to what Harry Belafonte has to say about John Edwards:

Harry Belafonte Endorses John Edwards for President

Belfonte Backs Edwards

He says John Edwards is the only candidate also concerned and compassionate enough to try and deal with it.

"I've looked at his platform on education, healthcare, poverty, what young people are going through and I have come to believe he's the best candidate," Belafonte said.

He says all the other candidates talk about the plight of the middle class, While only Edwards talks about the poor.

"I also happen to believe that had he not so forcefully and precisely put the issue of poverty into this campaign, I don't think we'd be talking aobut it as much as we are," Belafonte said.

Belafonte feels Edwards was sincere when he announced his candidacy in New Orleans, saying it showed a commitment to the people devastated by hurricane Katrina.

"I've talked with John Edwards. I've looked into heart and his soul," Belafonte says.

He added that Edwards has the makings of a great president. Belafonte attended a rally with Edwards at the College of Charleston.

Senator Edwards appeared on CNN's Situation Room Thursday evening, live from the campaign trail in South Carolina.
Senator Edwards on CNN from SC:

Of the several South Carolina stops Edwards made, one included his childhood home in Seneca, where he spoke to reporters. NYT journalist, Sarah Wheaton, was on location and wrote, "the influence his father has on the campaign came into sharp relief. Mr. Edwards refers to his humble roots to convey that he understands the concerns of common Americans in her article, "Edwards Walks in Father's Footsteps."

From his childhood home, Senator Edwards also discussed his  plan to To Restore The American Dream Of Homeownership

Edwards Slams Bush Mortgage Plan

During Hometown Visit, Democratic Hopeful Says President's Proposal Doesn't Go Far Enough

"Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on Thursday said President Bush's plan to help homeowners with rising mortgage payments doesn't go far enough and he would freeze interest rates for seven years.

"What we've got to do is not just help a few, we need to provide help for everybody," Edwards told about 900 people at Walhalla High School near his hometown in this early voting state. "We need to make refinancing options available. I do think it's a good idea to freeze these rates. I'd do it for seven years. We also need a national rescue fund to help these families."

With only about a month before the first in the nation, Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, Edwards continues to ramp up in other early primary states of South Carolina and Nevada!

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