Cyber Attacks Are Attacks On Free Speech

Earlier this morning I wrote a commentary piece on my LGBT commentary blog about the cyber attack on the popular LGBT news and opinion website, Bilerico Project, which occurred this past Thursday.

While this was the subject of reports in the LGBT press, of course it has not been reported in the mainstream press.

Why should you who are not part of the LGBT community care ?

Because this is an attack on what we Americans hold dear as one of our Rights.

Freedom of Speech.

And if that's not enough, the attack did not come from within the United States, no, it came from Eastern Europe.

My commentary is much to long to transfer here, but if you as an American care anything about our Right to Free Speech, not to mention being cyber attacked from overseas, I invite you over to read ....

Anti-gay Attacks From Cyberspace Are Attacks On Freedom Of Speech

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