Daily News Digest May 25, 2018

Report: NFL Owners Didn't Actually Vote On The New Anthem Policy

Yesterday, Roger Goodell proudly unveiled the NFL’s new policy regarding players and the national anthem. A lot of people hated it and President Donald Trump loved it, but the league made sure to note that the policy passed with a “unanimous” vote by the owners. That’s what mattered, that the obscenely rich guys approved. Now ESPN’s Seth Wickersham reports that there was never a formal owners’ vote—as there usually is—and the NFL just did a little informal polling and thought everyone would be cool with it.

Roger Stone Sought Information on Clinton from Assange, Emails Show

Border Patrol agent shoots and kills migrant woman in Texas.

A U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent shot and killed a migrant woman along the U.S.-Mexico border on Wednesday, according to officials.

Agency personnel told BuzzFeed News that a Border Patrol officer shot the woman in the head, killing her, during a skirmish with immigrants in Rio Bravo, Texas.

UN adopts measure linking cUN adopts measure linking conflict to hunger and starvationonflict to hunger and starvation

The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a resolution Thursday that for the first time recognizes the link between conflict and hunger and strongly condemns the use of starvation as a method of warfare.

The resolution calls on all parties to conflict to comply with international humanitarian law that bans attacks on civilians and critical civilian infrastructure including farms, markets, water systems and other essential items to produce and transport food.

FBI working to disrupt massive malware network linked to Russia

The FBI is working to disrupt a massive, sophisticated Russia-linked hacking campaign that officials and security researchers say has infected hundreds of thousands of network devices across the globe.

The Justice Department late Wednesday announced an effort to disrupt a botnet known as “VPNFilter” that compromised an estimated 500,000 home and office (SOHO) routers and other network devices. Officials explicitly linked the botnet to the cyber espionage group known as APT 28, or Sofacy, believed to be connected to the Russian government. 

Missile that took down Malaysia Air flight belonged to Russian brigade

The missile that took down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which killed 298 people in 2014 was launched from Russia's 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade from a farm near Pervomaisk, Ukraine, investigators announced Thursday.

McConnell says he backs Mueller probe after classified briefing

McConnell's vote of confidence in Mueller's investigation came after he attended a highly classified meeting with top law enforcement and intelligence officials on Thursday.

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