Democrats, Obama Supporters, Nothing Can be Accomplished...

until Hillary Clinton is out of the Democratic Primary Process.

What do I mean? Read the following:

We must have our eyes WIDE OPEN, wit in check, and counter punches ready for November.

While many are worried, or not worried (I am not) about Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the GOP should be deathly worried about the MSNBC/Wall Street Journal Poll.

Bush is the albatross, the elephant in the room, the oxygen sucker for the GOP and John McCain.

As long as McCain continues to promote, pimp, pump Bush's agenda, we are looking at a third term of George W. Bush. In November, this election will be about CHANGE, because the public will demand it.

The Republican Party must stand by their record of the past eight years.


Here is the laundry list, quite lengthy and not even complete:

WMD, or the lack of it to qualify invading Iraq.

Mismanagement of the Iraq War. A must see.

Insurmountable, money owed to China to finance the Iraq War.

The cost of the Iraq War. Unbelievable.

Osama bin Laden. Mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on the United States of America, who is still running around dropping videos of additional threats, at will. By the way, where is he?

Afghanistan War. Is that still going on?

Lack of armour for the troops.

The Iraq War Casualty List.

The continual expansion of "Stop Loss" on the military and their families.

The Walter Reed Medical Center utter neglect and fiasco surrounding our troops.

Halliburton Watch.

Private Warriors: Blackwater.

Bush's total disrespect and rejection of the Constitution.

Katrina. What hasn't been said about the United States of America's total insensitivity and lack of response to one of the worse disasters, EVER.

Micheal "Brownie" Brown, former head of FEMA, but wait his experience was a judge for the International Arabian Horse Association.

Former Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales total incompetence.

Former Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, "I don't recall." No shit, he wouldn't recall his name if you asked it!!

Monica Goodling of the Attorney General's Office who was not only incompetent, but hired only political appointments of the Bush Administration which is AGAINST THE LAW.

Secret Wiretapping Program. Need I write more.

Jack Abramoff scandal, which is still reaching to members of congress while he is in prison.

Former Congressman Mark Foley. The man that loved teenage pages. What parent would want to send their child to Washington, D.C. for this program!! And the look of a cover-up fallout.

Senator David Vitter and his hypocrisy. While wearing "Family Values" on his chest, he is busy wearing diapers for paid prostitutes.

Senator Larry Craig, who made the St. Paul-Minneapolis Airport men's room infamy.

Former Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham taking bribes, like he was drinking water.

Pet Food "Deathtrap" scandal from China. Anyone with a pet, would be livid.

Lead toys poisoning from China.

Bear Stears' bail out. And guess who pays for THAT.

Airline industry bailout after 9/11.

Airport workers, UNTRAINED. What does the public expect at 5.50 an hour.

I. "Scooter" Libby and the no justice of his case.

Vice-President Dick Cheney, the power and the real president running this country.

The mortgage crisis in the United States of America. But Bush in denial.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson resigned. Why? What was he really doing?

Gas Prices inching to 4.00 a gallon. Bush did not know how much a gallon of gas costs.

Food prices skyrocket worldwide.

Citibank suspends student loans for two year colleges.

Bush does not believe in science, as in stem cell research.

George W. Bush, worst president in history.

Bush does not believe in evolution or science, again.

Abu Ghrab scandal.

John McCain does not understand the economy.


Folks, this is just a minor list of the GOP run government under George W. Bush and the Republican Party. No one can tell me just going through this list that you don't get pissed at some point.

And some are worried about Reverend Wright?

The Republican Party must defend Bush's record, which is their record.

After viewing this short list, do you honestly think we cannot win in November?

This list states volumes of why the American Public is sick tired and tired and sick of George W. Bush and his posse.

Overall, John McCain is equivalent of no change.


Until we have a Democratic Nominee, all that is written above goes unanswered daily. McCain continues on skate mode, unchallenged. Until we have a nominee, our focus will continue to be flawed. And McCain and the Republicans unchecked.

Get out there and win Indiana and North Carolina for Barack Obama. I don't care if it is by half a point, let's just win it.

All information for volunteering and phone banking is under Indiana and North Carolina.

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