That's just one of the things that Brian Dugger was told when he worked for the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Dugger seeks at least $1.9 million in punitive damages; $650,000 in general and special damages (lost wages and benefits, emotional distress); as well as statutory damages and a declaration that TBN is subject to the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Dugger was told not to dress so gay or to wear jewelry, to act more straight and to pay attention to girls. “Brian has a man-gina!” Paul Crouch Jr. allegedly taunted Dugger (in front of a live video camera and a crowd of TBN workers).  Crouch, Jr.  also sent Dugger explicit pictures of genitalia - male, female and transsexual - as well as explicit images of copulating couples and other pornography, the suit says.

You can read this article titled ... Gay engineer taunted with pornography at TBN seeks millions, suit says (HERE)

Gay or straight, the article is a good read showing just how far some employers or staff can make fun of or push employees thinking they can do so without consequence.

Regardless of who or what you are doesn't mean you need become someone's punching bag.

I wish Mr. Dugger well in this lawsuit, not just because he's gay, nor because it's TBN, but because no one should have to endure this kind of abuse, or any kind in the workplace.


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