Don't Forget the Iraqi Refugees

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Washington D.C. - As President Obama works to stabilize Iraq, he must be sure to comprehensively address the Iraqi refugee crisis. Five million Iraqis have been uprooted by conflict, forced to leave everything behind. They have sought refuge within Iraq, Syria, Jordan and other neighboring countries. They are running out of resources with little opportunity for employment; access to food, heath care, education and other essential services is extremely limited. The conditions for Iraqis to return home safely do not exist, and millions of Iraqi refugees are unlikely and unwilling to return to Iraq in the foreseeable future. The U.S. administration must lead international efforts to meet the long-term needs of displaced Iraqis. Failure to assist Iraqis will have dramatic impacts on security inside Iraq.




The campaign features a petition urging the Obama administration to:


1. Assist Iraqi refugees.


2. Ensure a safe, voluntary return home when possible.


3. Pressure Iraq to meet its responsibilities to its own people.


4. Increase resettlement for those who can't go home.


Supporters can sign the petition here or when you click on the top link the petition, with intro video, loads to sign.


Contact Information:

Sara Fusco

Refugees International Site

Phone: 202-828-0110, ext.204

Sara at Refugee International


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