Down Home Alabama

Scott Horton/NoComment:
Another Election Season, Another Political Prosecution in Alabama

The morning calm in the small Alabama town of Toney, located near Huntsville, was broken at 6:15 a.m. yesterday morning. A team of five FBI agents, accompanied by a prison matron, pounded on the door. When the man of the house answered, he was forced into the yard, shirtless in the early morning cold. The team had come for his wife, Sue Schmitz. She was dragged out of her bathroom, where she was taking a shower, handcuffed, breaking her flesh and scraping her wrists, and hustled off to prison. .. Who was this threat to the community? Sue Schmitz is a dimuitive, 63-year-old retired social studies teacher who has lived in the town for 38 years, roughly 20 of them as a civics teacher.

Read the whole thing, try to remain calm.
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"Sweet Home Alabama". Yikes! this is a scary story:

The charges against Schmitz will of course have to be proved in a court. And whether they are meritorious or not, Schmitz will be put to hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal expense and is having her reputation tarnished, all courtesy of the taxpayers.

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and writes quite a bit on Alabama's DOJ shenanigans. Congress' impeachment powers extend to federal judges and appointed USAs, but the body seems disinclined to use them.

I can only read what you posted. The other links at the top don't seem to be working for me.


Lawmaker arrested, charged with fraud

I have family living in Alabama...I don't know why? Maybe they feel the same about me living in Texas...ain't that America!

Nothing like a good view of an elephant's a$$! We need to see it more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the caption:

Find the biggest ass and kiss it.

I was curious what kinds of cases the DOJ have pursued in Alabama.

I'd forgotten about Siegelman.

Simpson, an Alabama native and Republican lawyer, signed a sworn statement this spring saying she was part of a Gov. Bob Riley (R-AL) campaign conference call in 2002 discussing how to get Siegelman to concede the close election. Simpson said that one caller, Bill Canary, offered that his "girls would take care of him" -- referring to his wife Leura Canary, a US attorney in Alabama, and her friend, another US attorney in the state. Canary also assured the group that he and Rove had previously discussed Siegelman and that Rove made sure the DoJ was pursuing the former governor.

There's a strange case about child models actually being pornography. It's a bit over the top.

Federal case may redefine child porn

Pierson's Web site boasted he has the "most wonderful wife in the world and two fantastic daughters." And until recently, he ran a business called Beautiful Super Models that charged $175 for portraits of aspiring models under 18.

In a federal indictment announced this week, the U.S. Department of Justice accused Pierson, 43, of being a child pornographer--even though even prosecutors acknowledge there's no evidence he has ever taken a single photograph of an unclothed minor.

Rather, they argue, his models struck poses that were illegally provocative. "The images charged are not legitimate child modeling, but rather lascivious poses one would expect to see in an adult magazine," Alice Martin, U.S. attorney for the northern district of Alabama, said in a statement.

Same DOJ attorney, Alice Martin, as in the Sue Schmitz case.

The Alice Martin Perjury Inquiry

Back when I started writing about the U.S. attorneys scandal, I got flooded with personal accounts of dealings and encounters with Alice Martin—they came in from attorneys, businessmen, political figures, and prosecutors who work for her, and even a judge. And not a single person had a positive thing to say about Martin. Many expressed questions about her professional competence—and her handling of the HealthSouth case may be the basis for some lasting judgments on that score. But in others she was characterized as mean-spirited, mercurial, petty, vindictive, and extremely partisan. Indeed, her extreme partisanship was a consistent theme of comment.