Edwards aims to "Reverse the War On Work"

John Edwards is still focusing on Issues that matter to Working Families!

like the Economy ... like Taxes.

All the while the GOP continues to "debate" that "only MORE Corporate Tax Cuts will create Jobs and keep the Economy strong!"

Hmmm ... Where are all those Jobs, by the way?

Billions in Tax give aways to the Rich, for the last 5+ years, only seem to have strengthen the Rich, it seems to me.

From the John Edwards Issues pages:

In America today, families are working harder to get by.

Half of American families say they are living paycheck to paycheck,
and 3 out of 10 American workers have not been able to save a dime for their retirement.


Wait there's More !
from the John Edwards Issues pages
who single-handedly put Poverty squarely on the Landscape of Issues:

37,000,000 Americans live in Poverty.

The top 300,000 individuals now make more than the bottom 150,000,000

given that Census reports the USA had Population of 301,621,157 in 2007, these "poorly" reported numbers Chart out this way:

Does the millionaire-elite segment of society, really need any more help?

From the John Edwards Issues pages:

The top 300,000 individuals now make more than the bottom 150,000,000.

The result is Two Americas, one struggling to get by and another that has everything it could want.

Taking a cue from Drew Carey's "Power of Ten" (the exponential scale)

Refocusing this Wealth imbalance on the scale where "real people" live,
you can hardly see those corporate boardroom movers and shakers, anymore:

Does the millionaire elite segment of society, really need any more help?

John Edwards doesn't think so:

Solutions for Working Families
, from the John Edwards Issues pages:

John Edwards believes we have to build One American Economy—where everyone has the opportunity to work hard and build a better life.

He will restore respect for work to our tax code and
cut taxes for working families.

He will overhaul our weak labor laws
to give workers a real right to organize.

Strengthen Labor Laws:

Union membership can be the difference between a poverty-wage job and middle-class security.

Federal law promises workers the right to choose a union, but the law is poorly enforced, full of loopholes, and routinely violated by employers. ...

Enact Smarter Trade Policies:

Trade deals need to make sense for American workers, not just corporations.

Edwards will make sure any new trade agreements include
strong labor and environmental standards and
will vigorously enforce American workers' rights in existing agreements. ...

Make Work Pay:

Edwards will increase the reward for working by raising the minimum wage to $9.50 by 2012, tripling the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) ...

Protect Prevailing Wages:

Edwards pledges to protect the Davis Bacon Act, which ensures that workers on federal construction projects receive the local prevailing wage. ...

Help Families Save and Get Ahead:

Edwards will crack down on abusive lenders by creating a new Families Savings and Credit Commission to protect families

Edwards will create Work Bonds to help families save and invest, providing financial safety nets for hard times. ...

Work Bonds:

A new tax credit of up to $500, would help low and moderate-income, working Americans save for the future. ...


John Edwards was FIRST to take the cue, from billionaire Warren Buffett, about our US Tax Policy which should NO LONGER favor the Rich over the interest of ordinary Working Folks

Tax Solutions from the John Edwards Issues pages:

Reverse the "War On Work":

Nothing better reflects the problems with our tax code than the lower tax rates for capital gains. As Warren Buffett says, there is something wrong when he pays taxes at a lower rate than his secretary.

As president, Edwards will:

- Raise the tax rate on capital gains to 28 percent for the most fortunate taxpayers – taxing the investment income of the wealthiest Americans similarly to the wages of the middle class.

- Repeal the Bush tax cuts for the highest-income households and keep the tax on very large estates (above $4 million for couples).

- Declare war on offshore tax havens by cracking down on tax shelter promoters, cooperating with allies to fight tax havens, and closing the "tax gap" by improving IRS customer service, simplifying tax filing, auditing more large corporations and high-income individuals and requiring more third-party reporting.

- Close unfair loopholes like the tax breaks for hedge funds and private equity fund managers and unlimited executive pensions.


For More, in-depth analysis of Edwards Tax Reform Plan, click here.

Given the changing polling in SC, as reported by JedReport, there is definitely a market for a Leader with real substantive Plans like Edwards!

Question: Do you want a President who:

WILL fight for the issues that MATTER
to you and your family?

Isn't it finally time the Working Folks of America,
finally has their Voice heard in Washington DC --

for a Change?

John Edwards is Speaking up for US!

John Edwards WILL be that Voice for working folks!

Thousands of working people, like you, are stepping up for Edwards, right now:

Edwards breaks Q4 online fundraising in 25 days.

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