Finding my way in the dark

OK - I'm foundering a bit.  I had a heck of a time finding the comments I made.  I ended up just going back on the diaries to find Jeff's witty piece and my comment.  Sure enough, Carol was there.  Hi back at ya, Carol!  Such a friendly face!

If I were to characterize the past several months it would be one of bubblegum which ends up in the hair.  LONG hair!.  While I've taken off the firefighting uniform for now, I know I'll have to doff it shortly.  The range of life's little complexes range from refinishing kitchens myself then 401Ks and investments go tubular, kidlets medical and school complications, oh heck - you guys know, it's just life. 

It's that dadgum wad of pink Bazooka bubblegum tht is well-chewed and you thought you had put it in the right place to dispose of it.  Little did you know that the endge of the coffee table just wouldn't do.  So when you ducked to clean out the cat yack, yout hair caught on the edge of said coffee table and low and behold you have a new addition to you coiffe.

All tried and true methods of ridding yourself of that growth:  "Out damn spot!" don't work (no, it ain't cancer, I just reread that and thought "Oh, crap!".  We're talking mundane stuff here - none-the-less time-consuming).

Political veterans rights,Snate, Congree,  Pretty Bird Women House, family, school district commitments, health of kidlets and grandbaby -all of which occupy the mind.  So it's a Hey There to you All, I'm around but cannot be counted on for now.  January - mehbe so. 

So take that all you Christmas standard or ho-ho-humbug folks!

I think about you often, which now makes this a love letter.

Happy Holidays and Hugs, may the manure spread around the world end up in your garden to grow roses galore!

kfred a/k/a KMom

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Yeah, I think we're all "there" -- even the hairless members of the community.

Darn bubble-gum.

 Hope your holiday is wonderful and hazard free ;-)

"In a hurry - typo's galore.


Not in a hurry?  no words to typo".


New Law of Life.


So today, when repairing a strip of Pergo, the tube of SuperGlue burst out it's end and all over my hands.  I wonder if I still have fingerprints left after the scrubbings?????????