First British Female Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

The Forgotten War

When we all talk about these occupations we only seem to use the terms that decribe the male soldier, we seem to conviently forget that there are women serving, and always have in our militaries, and they are serving in even more dangerous situations in these modern militaries, combat rolls!

Corporal Sarah Bryant from Cumbria died with three men in a blast on Tuesday, bringing the number of soldiers who have died in Afghanistan to 106.

Wife 'died a hero' in Afghanistan

"She was an awesome soldier who died doing the job that she loved"

Carl Bryant

Her Father: "We truly have lost the 'Angel of the North'."

Video about Sarah

Her husband added: "Although I am devastated beyond words at the death of my beautiful wife Sarah, I am so incredibly proud of her.

"She was an awesome soldier who died doing the job that she loved. My wife knew the risks, she was there because she wanted to be, and she wouldn't have had it any other way."

He added: "Sarah, as with all our fallen, must never be forgotten."

Corporal Bryant, Corporal Sean Robert Reeve and Paul Stout were among the victims

"Our instinct is always to publish information once it is in our possession"

Peter Horrocks

Head of BBC newsroom
Peter Horrocks on why the BBC held back in naming Corporal Sarah Bryant

The family of Cpl Sean Robert Reeve, who was 28, issued a statement describing him as a "dearly loved son, brother, godparent, uncle, grandson, and friend, who was loving, loyal, honourable, selfless and gentle".

In a statement, the family of L/Cpl Larkin, who was 39, said he "was a beloved husband, father, son and brother whose tragic and untimely death will be deeply mourned by his family, friends and colleagues".

The family of Paul Stout, who was 31, described him as a "loving father and devoted husband".

"He was a wonderful son and brother and will be greatly missed by all his family and friends," their statement continued.

"Our lives will be changed forever by this loss."

This old Vet passes on his heartfelt thoughts and prayers, not only to Sarah's family and friends but also to those who died with her and all our British brothers and sisters!

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