Friday News: Fork'd

DID: Vanity Fair's "The People vs. the Profiteers"
"There is much to ponder in the Vanity Fair article, despite the distaste its flaws rightly evoke. Amidst the cheap theorizing, limited points of view, and lack of context are stories that appear to have serious substance behind them, as well as conclusions that are backed by independent investigations and official reports. For those reasons alone, "The People vs. the Profiteers" is worth our readers' time and attention."

Definitely worth the read.

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"There have been some well-publicized embarassments, such as when the U.S. Marines named a former Iraqi general to lead . . . the so-called Fallujah Brigade, to combat insurgents there in 2004."
[Jon Lee Anderson, Inside the Surge, New Yorker (19 Nov '07)]

Yes, that particular incident was well-publicized. But the embarassment belongs squarely within the walls with the big screens and monumental egos in the White House. Told to fight, then retreat, then (after the dead-contractors-on-the-bridge incident) attack again in a Joint Venture with the Iraqi "army". Slammed between Viceroy Bremer, the Iraqi (Mafia) Governing Council, and Whatever-You-Want-George Abazaid, the Marines finally, through back-channel contacts, gave the dipshit politicos what they truly wanted: "visual progress".

[See: Bing West's No True Glory].

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