Gates Pushes, Sadr Slams Back

Is Iraq about to Blow Wide Open, 19 U.S. Killed so far this week, and it might be just the beginning.

I'm hoping some Sense comes into play here, or it's back to what it was or Worse!

Sadr says US will always be enemy

"I have no enemy but you. You are the occupier," Mr Sadr's statement said.

Gates sending a subtle message:

"Those who are prepared to work within the political process in Iraq, and peacefully, are not enemies of the United States," Mr Gates said.

"[Mr Sadr] has a large following. And I think it's important that he become a part of the process if he isn't already."

And Sadr isn't having any of it:

But Mr Sadr asked: "Which political process do you want to involve me in when you are occupying my land?"

He said he would continue resisting the US presence in a "way that we consider suitable".

He urged the Iraqi government to "rid the land of the occupier" but said his followers should not "raise your weapons against Iraqis as long as they don't help the occupier".

Winning Hearts and Minds, the Mantra of Counter Insurgency, and it's First Failure!!!!

Killing of key Al-Sadr aide sparks outrage

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