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I'm gonna use ilona's graphic as a point, and well she's a part of this, a big part.

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On December 12, 2007, there's a hearing on Stopping Suicide and Ending Homelessness: Mental Health Challenges Within the Department of Veterans Affairs by the House Veterans' Affairs Committee,

Ilona Meagher, of PTSD Combat: Winning the War Within is scheduled to be one of the ones to testify at this Congressional hearing, as many already know.

cho, at ePluribus Jpurnal has a brief informational post on the Hearing, the when, the about, the press release, and more.

I've visited some of the information links and don't see anything about wether C-Span will be televising this House Hearing.

It Should Be, so as many as possible, will have the ability to hear the opening remarks, the questions asked, and how serious are this Representatives as to the after effects of Combat Tours in our Wars of Choice!

Discussions About and Debates On these issues are long overdue, way to long overdue!

I sent an E to Carissa, of Military Spouses for Change suggesting that their group contact C-Span and request that this Hearing be Televised. I've also sent out some E's to my fellow Veterans on same. Than thought why not request others to join in to Call For This Hearing To Be Seen as well as heard!

Contact information for C-Span Can Be Found Here

Please see what you can do about getting this On The Air on the 12th of this month.

Veterans Issues can No Longer be pushed into the Dark Corners of this Societies Ideology, this Isn't Politics, this Is about how You Serve Those Who Serve For You!!

As well as for their Families!!

On a related Forum:

Public Forum On Mental Health Care At Ft Drum

Open Mike For Ft Drum Soldiers And Their Family Members:

Different Drummer Internet Café

Where: Watertown, New York
When: Thursday, December 6, 2007, 6:30 PM
At: 1 Public Square, 12 Paddock Arcade

From: in issue Volume: 5L Issue: 2Citizen Soldier Passed on in G.I.Special
Titled: Some Truth From Tikrit, found at site in Word or PDF form

Subject: Town Forum on PTSD at Different Drummer

Join Us for a Public Speak Out! Hear these speakers!
Dean Anthony, MSW and Trauma Therapist
Joe Gregory, Mexico, N Y, father of an Iraq combat vet who was killed after returning home because the VA failed to treat his PTSD.
Marty Webster, VVAW Natl. Coordinator, and a Vietnam vet who still suffers from PTSD.
Tod Ensign, attorney for Sgt Brad Gaskins, arrested by Ft Drum police as he sought to return to Ft Drum for mental health care. A two tour Iraq combat vet, Gaskins went AWOL when he was refused treatment for his PTSD.

The VA’s Vet Center at Ft Drum has been invited to send a speaker

The VA disclosed in October that mental illness has now become the second largest health problem for veterans in its hospitals and clinics. Currently, 100,000 Iraq and Afghan are receiving VA treatment and/or disability for mental illness with 50,000 of these vets having been diagnosed with PTSD.
After a detailed analysis of death records from 45 states, CBS TV News concluded in November that at least 120 veterans commit suicide each week in this country.

I have found out that Video's will be taken of this Forum and hopefully I'll be able to pass them on. I've also requested some Transcripts, in PDF, or links to posted, so as to be able to pass them on to Ilona to add to what she might be requesting be placed in the Congressional Record. There's a very short time span from the 6th to the 12th to possibly get this done, but fingers are crossed, because I believe what will come out at the Drum Forum will be as important as the Congressional Hearing and should be Placed in the Congressional Record!

I also, once again, pass on that anyone in the Watertown or Syracuse area, if possible, attend this Forum and Report on what was learned.

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