A great Dem for Congress, Betsy Markey, CO C0-04 w/video

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We have a lot of great opportunities to expand the democratic majority in the house this fall, and a lot of great candidates.

One such candidate is a remarkable woman, Betsy Markey, running for Colorado's CD-4, a seat currently held by Marilyn Musgrave. Representative Musgrave thought D.O.M.A (Defense of Marriage Act) did not go far enough, and introduced an amendment that would outlaw benefits to anyone not married, thus effectively ending an individual state's right to grant civil unions.

But besides Musgrave's morality legislation concerns, Bets Markey is a terrific candidate for this seat, because as someone who has worked both in the private sector and with the State department, she can attack (and does so effectively) Musgrave from a business and fiscal conservative platform as well as from a standpoint of someone who has superior foreign policy experience.

Read more on her ideas and her interview via youtube video...

First, let's get into the fray right away. I really love it when the candidate is willing to take off the gloves and point out not only why they are better suited to be representing the constituents of a district, but how the other representative has failed to do their job.


What is some of the dissatisfaction you are hearing from the constituents in the district about the representative currently in office, Marilyn Musgrave?

I believe people are ready for a change. This is Congresswoman Musgrave's third term in office. There is a lot of media focus on her, that she is finally starting to do her job, that means it has taken her 5 years for her to wake up and realize
'well now that I am facing a real challenge, maybe I should start paying attention to the interests of my constituents.' You know, business doesn't work that way. You are not on the job for 5 years getting a free ride, an in this case, from the taxpayers, before you decide,
'oh hey, maybe I should start doing my job'
People are tired of that. She hasn't been visible in her district, and hasn't been working on the legislation the people really care about, the legislation that addresses the issues that we are all concerned with, healthcare, the economy, the water issues on the eastern plains... she has just not been vocal on any of these issues.
(this part is in part 2)
On Musgrave's DOMA ammendment -
It is not the role of government to enact far right social issues. People are ready for the type of leaders that will go to Washington, roll up their sleeves and start to work so that we can make progress on the issues that we all care about.

On Trade
As for me, the problem I have with her is, for the beet farmers, she was one of the last votes for CAFTA. Talk about voting against your constituents, just like, in my interview with Candidate Larry Kissell, his opponent, Republican Robin Hayes of CD-8 in North Carolina, was the very last deciding vote on CAFTA. (good luck Larry - you can see his interview here
and here
A -
When I get in Congress, I am going to push for us to revisit all of our trade agreements, in terms of free and fair trade, and look at what have been the implications of these agreements and our trade deficits and who are they really benefiting? Our small farmers and ranchers, or the large farming conglomerates? What impact does it have on outsourcings our jobs? These are the issues with out Trade Agreements and we need to look at each and everyone of them.
(and our responsibility as citizens)
It is a conversation we need to have, we as Americans may have to look at our consumption habits. This is a world community and we are all going to have to pitch in to do the right thing.

Part 2

"Whether or not you believe in global warming, which is something we need to be concerned about, we absolutely need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We can change the way we power this country through renewable energy initiatives, and I am very excited about our opportunities here in Northern and Eastern Colorado for Solar, Wind and Biodiesel energy solutions. I believe the government has a role to provide incentives for these companies to grow and prosper and make a dramatic difference. Also, the Green energy industry is good for economic development for us here in Colorado. We need to be active in courting these green energy companies.
(additionally) 40% of our greenhouse gas is from our buildings. There are a lot of exciting possibilities in this sector. There is a school in Northeastern Colorado, Wray High School that got a grant from the federal government. Soon that school will be 100% wind powered and they are going to be able to put power on the grid for the town of Wray.
We need people in congress, who will be leaders who will push for these technologies people who are visionaries and can see the potentials for economic development, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and for protecting our planet for our children and grandchildren.

On Senior Citizens and Social Security

We absolutely have to keep Social Security strong. It was started as a supplemental income program, but with so many people losing their pensions, it has become by default a retirement program. We have a moral obligation to take care of our senior citizens, our parents and grandparents.

Her Background- which seems to give her the broad range of foreign policy experience that has been lacking in Washington.

I worked in D.C. in the State Department, I traveled overseas as a computer security specialist, and I realized the great work being done by our officers in our foreign embassies. We have push that aside and we need to use our diplomacy again to fight terrorism. We have been listening to the Defense department over the the State Department. We need to utilize our resources overseas, to promote peace and create dialog and understand we need to get back to using the resources of our diplomatic core.
Within the State department is is the agency for international development where we promote so many good ideas and goodwill, which translate into people having a better understanding of the American people, and our government and that is how you stop terrorism, or at least how you make a dent in it, is to engage with other countries and tell them why we are there and how we can help them so that we can be partners in the world community.

Betsy Markey's knowledge of both domestic and foreign issues makes her an excellent choice for Colorado's CD-4. I hope you will join me in helping her open her new campaign headquarters at 419 Canyon Avenue, Suite 315, Fort Collins, Colorado, this Wednesday, February 20th at 6pm. Can donations are being accepted for the local Food bank, and if you are not in the area, please go to her website and get involved with her campaign.


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UP News,
News from the people, not corporations.


UP News,
News from the people, not corporations.


I really appreciate hearing about candidates running for congressional districts or senator from the different states. Thanks!

UP News,
News from the people, not corporations.


UP News,
News from the people, not corporations.


I think that with all the focus on the Hillary and Barack, we should be careful not to loose sight of the importance not only of sweeping the House and Senate with Democrats for the next term, but selecting these on the basis of their commitment to the important social issues and ending the war.