The Guantánamo Testimonials Project

According to Rachel Maddow, on her MSNBC show of 2.18.09, after the testimony of former Guantanamo Bay prison guard, Specialist Brandon Neely, Three More Former Guards have contacted the UC Davis Guantanamo Testimonial Project to offer their testimony as to their serving at the Guantanamo Prison Camp.



If you want to share your story with the UC Davis Project, e-mail them at: UC Davis Guantanamo Testimonial Project


Visit the UC Davis Project Site for more information and many links to previous testimonials they have listed.

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Renewed Focus on Afghan-Pakistan Region Includes Broad Policy Review


The Obama team is casting a renewed focus on the Afghan-Pakistan corridor, including a broad review of policy on the region. Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke outlines efforts to define U.S. goals for the region.


You can listen with this link


Right now they only have the transcript, top link, and the audio posted, video of discussion probably will be up later as it normally is posted.


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